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Any persons looking for representation in any child custody, adoption, divorce, social security, personal injury, estates/wills etc.

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Samuel E. White, Esq. Attorney at Law is a general law practice serving the people of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, with the intent of providing to individuals and small businesses of this region accessible legal services of comparable caliber to larger law firms.

This law practice will stay up to date with advances in technology and be able to adequately advise clients about those advances.  New technologies will be used to aid in the practice of law wherever possible.

The law practice acknowledges itself as a member of a greater community and will do what it can to aid the community through the practice of law and advocacy of clients.

Small Business Legal Consulting

Feel free to contact me for consulting and legal advice for any issues your business is having. I give a free initial consultation and will clearly state any fees required (at very competitive rates) for resolving the more complicated and demanding issues.
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