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About Us

Cat's Meow Car Detailing is a vehicle detailing company that offers complete interior and exterior detailing/ cleaning.

Receiving detailing service from us will offer a significant savings compared to other detailers and can offer our services right on site if beneficial to you (April - Oct) or we also have a drop off garage location which is open all year in Aylesford.

I invite you to visit my webpage www.catsmeowcardetailing.ca and facebook www.facebook.com/catsmeowcarclean for various client testimonials.

Our Team
April Preston from Cat's Meow Car Detailing
April Preston
Products & Services

Vehicle detailing and cleaning

All interior cleaning including; - Upholstery Shampoo - Vinyl Cleaning - Window Cleaning - Exterior Wash, Wax, Shine - Tires and Wheels Cleaned
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