About Us

The only professional Special effects makeup shop in the Maritimes. We have all your needs from concept design, to final product. Life casting, sculpture, full creature suits, denture, fake eyes, cable animatronics and more. We have our own FX lab if you can't have your actor come to us. We go to them. The FX Mobil Lab serves us as a makeup trailer as well.

Also, being a retired military medic, with 20 years of service that includes tours of duty in Bosnia, Haiti and Afghanistan, we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to wounds, trauma, cadavers, anatomy and military style scenarios. All the recipe to make it even more realistic.

We worked on many shows like Haven, Call me Fitz, Being Human, Forgive me, and our fair share of feature films and shorts. ABC's of Death, VHS-2, WISP, Bunker 6, Roaming, etc...

Our Team
Marc Deveault from Devo FX, Special Effects LTD.
Marc Deveault