Kingston, NS Local Business Directory

Annapolis Valley Home Care Ltd, Kingston NS
Robert Clark from Annapolis Valley Home Care Ltd
Kingston, NS B0P1R0
Assisted Living and Senior Care
This service is available to all clients. The client receives customized care planning as well as special acknowledgments of birthdays and other special occasions requested. Annapolis... (more)
B & H Wholesalers Ltd, Kingston NS
Lance Riswold from B & H Wholesalers Ltd
1530 Bridge St Kingston, NS B0P1R0
Clothing and Accessories
Your One Stop Safety Shop and So Much More!
Cat's Meow Car Detailing, Kingston NS
April Preston from Cat's Meow Car Detailing
44 Oakwood Dr Kingston, NS B0P1R0
Detail and Carwash
Cat's Meow Car Detailing is a vehicle detailing company that offers complete interior and exterior detailing/ cleaning. Receiving detailing service from us will offer a significant saving... (more)
Craig Estey Painting & Papering, Kingston NS
Craig Estey from Craig Estey Painting & Papering
1440 Bridge St Kingston, NS B0P1R0
Creekside Bed and Breakfast, Kingston NS
Mike Hudgins from Creekside Bed and Breakfast
#140 Highway 221 Kingston, NS B0P1R0
Hotel, Motel
Fully restored Victorian home originally constructed in 1872. Located in the serene countryside of the Annapolis valley. Offering queen sized beds and ensuite baths with gourmet breakfasts e... (more)
Devo FX, Special Effects LTD., Kingston NS
Marc Deveault from Devo FX, Special Effects LTD.
Kingston, NS B0P1R0
Barbers, Hairstyling, Spas and Beauty Salons
The only professional Special effects makeup shop in the Maritimes. We have all your needs from concept design, to final product. Life casting, sculpture, full creature suits, denture, fak... (more)
Makes Sense Home Staging and Redesign, Kingston NS
Wanda Bullerwell from Makes Sense Home Staging and Redesign
313 Brookside Drive Kingston, NS B0P1R0
Home Furnishings, and Goods
1 recommendation
Selling your home faster, for more money, with less stress...just makes $en$e Our mission at Makes Sense Home Staging and Redesign is to listen carefully to the needs of the client and t... (more)
Marketing AV, Kingston NS
Ingrid VanDen Hurk from Marketing AV
53 Bridge Street Melvern Square Kingston, NS B0P1R0
Marketing, Advertising and Communication
2 recommendations
Digital Label printing in House. New service to the valley, Roll stock, paper of poyl, pressure sensitive, water repellent. Custom made and short runs possible. Call for a quote. Per... (more)

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