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Pet owners who feel their pets deserve the same quality of care they themselves should receive.

About Us

We are a full service Kirkland animal hospital providing compassionate, comprehensive veterinary care to companion pets with an emphasis on exceptional client service and patient care. Our veterinarians offer a wide variety of medical, surgical, dental and pet rehabilitation services, and consult with local veterinary specialists to ensure the best patient outcomes.

In addition to being voted the best Kirkland vet, we are continually adding new benefits to upgrade our offering. Just recently we've added both "Feline Friendly" and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapy (CCRT) components to our clinic. (See our blog about CCRT. Wesite pages coming on both these services soon.)

Critter Doctor's mission has always been just what our tag line says: to take care of pets and their people. But a 7-word tagline, of course, can't really capture what sets us apart. Those of us of a certain age in the human world remember having our own personal physician, someone who didn't just treat us but called to see how we were doing and, yes, someone who even occasionally made house calls.

Critter Doctor is for pets what physicians were for humans decades ago.

How We Got Started

We bought a small practice in a strip mall in Totem Lake in 1996 but soon outgrew our location and moved to our current location about 12 years ago. We wanted the room to offer our clients a state of the art facility, additional medical therapies, and convenient parking.

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Pet Care Services and Therapies

Our services are extensive and thorough. Here is a brief listing: pet dental care & dental surgery, certified canine rehab therapy, feline friendly certified, boarding & pet playtime, advanced medical protocols, pet wellness plans, allergy and skin problems, behavior and nutritional counseling,...
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Been there many times. Kids love it and they make it fun.
Dr. caring, thorough and empathetic
June and her sister, Wendy, conduct highly informative seminars on Facebook and web presence. I've attended a couple of their seminars and have come away highly satisfied each time.
Guy's guys do what all good business should do: they come when they say they're coming. They bust their butts to get to you if there's an emergency, and they always do good work at a reasonable price.
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Nope. We generally save our ad dollars for direct offers to our current client base through email/print or social media advertising. (more)

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