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About Us

Michael Davidson, Pharm.D., A.C.N. is a doctor of pharmacy, clinical nutritionist, and phytotherapist (evidence-based herbal therapist).

Even as an undergraduate studying biochemistry at UCLA, Michael focused on the nutritional applications, learning the core principles and underlying mechanisms of nutritional science.

After UCLA, he began his studies at USC School of Pharmacy. While studying therapeutics (which forms the bulk of University’s 4-year curriculum), he developed a great interest in natural medicine, taking classes and working on projects on herbal medicine.

After completing his doctorate at USC, he further completed a certification program through SCU focusing on clinical nutrition and phytotherapy for healthcare professionals.

Today Dr. Davidson helps patients with a wide variety of health problems using an integrative medicine system that includes consultations on diet and nutrition (food as medicine), exercise, sleep hygiene and other therapeutic lifestyle changes, as well as herbal medicine, dietary supplements, and pharmacotherapy.

He also lectures on such topics as nutritional purification, preventing drug-induced nutrient depletion, botanical medicine quality control and medicinal phytochemistry, nutrition and herbal medicine for cancer support and prevention, pediatric nutrition, the link between oxidative stress, epigenetics, and aging, and integrative therapeutics.

He continues to advance his expertise by taking self-study and live classes on nutritional and botanical medicine, which he thoroughly enjoys.

website: DrMDavidson.com

How We Got Started

When I realized the potential that lifestyle medicine has to help people, a potential that exceeds anything conventional medicine has to offer by leaps and bounds, I devoted myself to studying this field of medicine that includes clinical herbalism and nutrition. To help people regain and maintain control of their own health and well-being so that they’re able to realize their highest goals and dreams, that their life overflows with joy, and flows from them, in abundance, to those around them.

Our Ideal Customer

Those who are interested in regaining and/or maintaining and improving their health while preventing future health problems by implementing therapeutic lifestyle changes that include healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, dietary supplements and natural products, herbal medicine, and medication optimization (if necessary).

These tools will also be used in combination to enhance:

resilience to stress

healthy sleep


focus and concentration

physical and mental performance

energy and vitality

overall health and quality of life

I specialize in clinical endocrinology, particularly for middle-aged and older women as well as nutrition for kids.

Our Team
Michael Davidson from Dr. Davidson Integrative Medicine
Michael Davidson
Products & Services

purification/detoxification program

Experience the benefits of helping your body cleanse with the 21-day Standard Process Purification Program. This isn’t just a cleanse diet. It’s a structured program that combines eating a whole food plant-based diet, drinking nutritious shakes, taking supplements made with whole food...
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