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We offer a complete service for completing your bedroom. The bed and all the bedding can be bought from our store and our sales staff have extensive knowledge and are able guide you through the process. The DUX Bed-The Bed for Life ®

What’s the most important part of your day? I bet “sleep” wasn’t even a part of your top five.

At Everett Stunz we want you think about how important “sleep” really is. Think about how you felt the last time you DIDN’T get a good night’s sleep. Think about how GREAT your day was after a good night’s sleep.

We’re Everett Stunz and we’re here for the most important part of your day: a good night’s sleep.

We’re here with an exclusive line of adjustable and flat beds. We’re San Diego’s ONLY supplier of the extraordinary DUX bed.

Grade A silk sheets, Italian Linen, Egyptian Cotton and luxury down pillows. Because, at Everett Stunz we know that great sleep—makes for a great day.

On Girard Avenue La Jolla 92037 next to Harry’s Coffee Shop online at Everett Stunz.com.

The world’s finest beds…bedding and bath products..for the most important part of your day: a good night’s sleep.

Our Ideal Customer

Values sleep, health and comfort prefers long lasting products of exquisite design and quality over disposable items, Personalized service and attention.

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Philip Coller from Everett Stunz Duxiana La Jolla
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Receive up to $1,500 towards the purchase of Luxurious bedding, Down Pillows and Comforters, Luxurious sheets and more, with the purchase of a DUX® bed
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Take advantage of this seasonal 30% reduction offer before Winter. Both online and in the store at Westfields UTC La Jolla Village Drive http://www.everettstunz.com/brand/yves-delorme-...

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