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The key to business longevity is maintaining a unique style or brand. Various strategies and the ability to adapt is crucial for the survival of any business. You need promotions and local viewers. This is what we will provide for you as our mission.

Any Local Small Business.Free services for Non Profit Organizations

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We created a marketing strategy where Local Small Business working together as Partner. All Local Small Business have same Local Target Audience. Not make any sense, follow and invite people outside of your Target Area.They never come to your Local Business to buy or use your services.

We find active Social Media Account over your Local Area and invite and follow this account. If you create your own Local Followers Network; you no need to spend money in Pay Per Click; because you created your Own distribution Channel over your Target Audience.

We distribute your Content over Our internal Local Social Media Account with Local Active Followers to increase your Local Followers Audience. Same time, our Prospecting System invite your target Followers.


How We Got Started

Local Small Business can pay 37 dollars an hour for a full time publisher. You only pay us for the time to setup your marketing campaign and tools, that we have for you.


Social Media Account Management,Bundled Package:

Administration 2 Twitter Account Auto post content – 24 Post/Daily per month on each Twitter account (48 Daily for Business) Invite 200-500 new Targeted Followers daily per Account monthly. 12,000 to 30,000 Target Followers Monthly. Strategy Sharing Network included ( Retweet (Sharing) 8 Post...

Social Media Account Management,Promotion Tweets:

We broadcast your tweets over our Local Partner Sharing Content Network, this gives you an opportunity to increase your Followers and generate organic traffic over you website. If you blog,Facebook fan page,special event or new products need exposure to biggest audience, we share over our Local...


If you not have time for post your Ads over your Social Media Channel, we can post for you. 24 Post a day ( 720 Post Monthly), for only………………….. $100 This no Include Following Target Accounts and flush Followers. One Time campaign Setup. Add More Social Media Channel for only $37 each.
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Any method you used need a correct strategy. For example in 2010 to 2012 I worked in 3 Real Estate Companies in each one they used Phone Marketing. In One I increased Hot phone Call from 15/daily... (more)

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