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About Us

VictoriAnna's offers traditional and specially selected teas, herbal and fruit blends as well as number of accessories and products to encourage, enlighten and celebrate all the wonderful things we love about tea and life itself!

How We Got Started

Met a lady selling teas at a stand out in Cleveland OH and was intrigued by her selections. Reminded me of when I was a child and would often make tea with my siblings (we were poor so we would have tea and toast as a filler in between meals).

Our Ideal Customer

People who know what they want without a story or a long winded pitch about the tea process. They are on the run or just looking to pick up something to relax to and maybe share as a gift with family and friends.

Our Team
Victoria Gonzalez from VictoriAnna's Teas Cups & Gifts Ltd
Victoria Gonzalez
Tea Peddler, Retailer
Products & Services

The Traveling Tea Shoppe-Boutique

VictoriAnna's very own traveling tea shoppe-boutique features a collections of our best teas of the Season alongside trendy accessories (e.g. tea pots, cups, books and other whimsical gadgets) to get your tea kick started!
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