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About Us

At Gucciardo Law Firm, our objective is to provide professional, affordable representation for abused investors through negotiation and securities arbitration. Investors Recovery Service provides investors with knowledge and expertise in the securities industry equal to that possessed by the brokerage firms to help you recover stock market losses due to investment fraud or stock broker fraud or misconduct. Representing investors seeking recovery of stock market losses nationwide.

How We Got Started

It took the tragedy of September 11th to convince attorney Brad Gucciardo to change his law practice from representing Wall Street to

representing investors who are victims of Wall Street misconduct.

Brad had been practicing law in New York City since 1999, representing brokerage firms and their stockbrokers against claims of fraud and other improper conduct, perpetrated upon innocent investors – he lost many a night’s sleep defending what he often considered to be criminal conduct. The attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 changed all of that. In February 2002, Brad moved to Boca Raton and transformed his practice to representing stock market investors, seeking recovery of

their investment losses. Now, more than thirteen years later, Brad has been busier than ever, continuing to help investors fight Goliath Wall Street brokerage firms. He recently decided to leave his twelve year law partnership to open Gucciardo Law Group, P.A. The firm has offices in Sarasota.

Our Ideal Customer

Gucciardo Law Group is a nationwide practice, which is able to represent brokerage firm investors in all 50 states.

Our Team
Bradford Gucciardo from Gucciardo Law Group, P.A.
Bradford Gucciardo
Managing Shareholder/Attorney
Jillanna McGrew from Gucciardo Law Group, P.A.
Jillanna McGrew
Office Manager/Legal Assistant
Products & Services

Proud Member of PIABA

Investment Loss Recovery/ FINRA Arbitration and Mediation

Free Investment Review

We offer free investment review. If you feel you may have an issue, we can take a look at no charge.
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First Page Advantage has really helped us get our firm 's presence online. Thanks guys!
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Call us today for a FREE evaluation of your investment portfolio. When the Stock Market is at record highs and your portfolio is not, call us today!
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We specialize in seeking recovery of investment losses. Call us today for a free review of your portfolio! 844.846.6075
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Gucciardo Law Group helps investors seek recovery of their investment losses nationwide. We offer FREE consultations. Don't wait to seek recovery.
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