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Learn how the three F’s will change your life - Frame, Face, and Forge-forward. Make the decision to no longer be a passenger. Take the steering wheel in your life today. selfcompassionconference.com

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I am a Cognitive Behavioral Learning Specialist that holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, with publications in both fiction (2012 NLS winner) and non-fiction (currently in 27 languages). My private practice focuses on behavioral concerns for children diagnosed under the autism spectrum.

What I have found working with these families is a common thread – they are too overwhelmed to make decisions. It is not that they can’t make decisions but rather the inability to get pass the stress created by the fear of getting it wrong.

So, I set to work to create a step by step systematic approach that included a self-compassion component. Parents were now able to anchor and gain traction in their lives.

These parents started to refer me to others that did not have children diagnosed under the autism spectrum. The next thing I was talked into putting together a three day conference / training on the island of Maui, which is occurring October 5, 6 & 7, 2017.

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Being part of a team where everyone’s viewpoint is critical, how do you get heard? This three day conference/ training will teach you a proven step-by-step systematic approach that puts you in the driver’s seat while prioritizing what really matters most to you. Dr. Dustow and her team of...

Cornerstone Educational Preschool

https://www.cornerstoneeducationalpreschool.com The non-profit Cornerstone Educational Preschool's innovative approach to early education is formulated to reach and nurture children diagnosed under the Autism Spectrum. Cornerstone is committed to fostering and supporting learning styles,...
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