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Bob Doster's Backstreet Studio is home to award-winning artist Bob Doster, a teaching artist for over forty years whose works are collected worldwide. The gallery and garden are available for special event rentals beginning Spring 2017.

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Bob Doster from Bob Doster's Backstreet Studio
Bob Doster
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From monumental to small collectibles, Bob Doster's Backstreet Gallery has artwork for corporate & home collections, museums & galleries, public art exhibits, and commissioned pieces.

Artist Residencies

As a teaching artist for over forty years, I offer residencies for all ages and abilities. Typical residencies in schools are four days on site and one day in studio. Students create everything from individual sculptures to school monuments and benches.

Metal Sculpture Workshops

Workshops are held regularly and offer students (of all ages!) the opportunity to design, cut, weld, and polish their own sculptures!
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Art galleries filled with collections spanning more than sixty years. Outdoor sculpture garden with fishpond and waterfalls, enclosed as a private "Charleston" style garden. Tours are welcomed.
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A row of one-story buildings on East Gay Street in Lancaster, SC hold the secrets of a past steeped in stories of bar-room brawls and neighborhood meetings. The former pool halls and cafes attract artists and visitors from around the world. But many that still walk the neighborhood remember the...

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