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Our ideal customer is any business vertical that has has less than 250 employees and is concerned about recent cyber-attacks. These companies may not have an on-staff IT team and want to outsource this headache to certified cybersecurity professionals. We have clients in the healthcare industry from doctor's offices, dentist offices, to small rural hospitals. We have CPA firms and small investment offices that hackers target for financial and tax data. We have law firms which hold more data than all other verticals combined. We have retail clients that are concerned with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and customer data. We have gaming clients that want an extra layer of protection. We pay referral commission for as long as the customer is on our platform and for direct clients we provide that commission as a discount on your monthly charges.

About Us

Axiom provides a full, turn key cybersecurity suite for our clients that provides everything a small, medium and large business needs to keep their data protected. Including a Future Generation Firewall (FGFW), Anti-Virus and Network Monitoring, Axiom deploys, manages, monitors and most importantly updates our clients defenses in real-time so that hackers don't have the chance to leverage vulnerabilities to steal your data.

Axiom has developed three distinct proprietary technologies that are applied to all customers.

1. Proprietary ransomware defense. Axiom’s ransomware defense combines multiple techniques using deep packet inspection, connection to the dark web, connection to the blockchain, connection to a crypto-currency wallet as well as other highly technical indicators to actively block ransomware infections even if accidentally activated by the customer. Because Axiom is targeting behaviors and known attributes rather than signatures, Axiom’s algorithm has a higher degree of success in blocking the malware variant known as ransomware. Ransomware has propelled into the number one cyber-crime in the world and Axiom is first to market with this capability and approach.

2. Proprietary Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) defense. Axiom’s DDoS defense combines multiple highly technical indicators and techniques to identify and slow a traffic flood on our client’s internet source. By using the fastest chipsets commercially available, which are in use by NASA, CERN and the US State Department, we are able to process more internet traffic and identify DDoS sooner. Using deep packet inspection and looking for today’s next generation denial of service attacks, our algorithm is able to not only identify attack packets, but tarpit them to both confuse the attacker as well as allow as much legitimate internet traffic through as possible. By doing so, we provide cleaner internet to our customers generally causing a seemingly boost to bandwidth, when in reality we are simply filtering out the noise and letting only clean internet through.

3. The SecureAmerica® Threat Intelligence Platform. The key gap that Axiom identified early on is that Information Technology (IT) staff are overwhelmed with the amount of data coming at them each day. It is impossible for staffers to sort through the millions of data points to determine what is appropriate and applicable to their cyber-defenses. The result is that critical security updates are not applied and hackers take advantage. Hackers use this to gain entry into businesses both large and small because these vulnerabilities are simply doors for hackers to walk through. This is the critical cybersecurity gap that Axiom was founded on. Axiom’s platform takes in multiple open and closed sources of threat intelligence and using big data analytics along with artificial intelligence and human guided automation is able to parse out vulnerabilities and threats that need to be updated against. The platform then crafts an update to patch our systems and deploys it immediately to every client. Each client is also a point of threat intelligence and if a vulnerability or specific threat vector is observed by one of our clients, it updates our platform so that an update can be crafted and deployed to the entire ecosystem. The more clients we gain, the larger our own proprietary threat intelligence grows.

Axiom’s business model is challenging the status quo in cybersecurity. Traditional cyber security companies like Cisco, Juniper, and SonicWall simply want to sell a commodity. They expect that the client will be able to take that appliance, install it, configure it, manage it, and update it against the latest threats. This is where most breakdowns occur which leads to business after business getting breached. Firewall management companies on the other hand, want to provide management services of equipment you buy. The challenge with these companies, often referred to as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) is that they are very expensive, putting them out of the range of our target clients, and they still require the customer to purchase expensive equipment. Lastly, threat intelligence companies sell threat and vulnerability data on the newest attacks in the world. These companies range in price but they also do not determine if the data is relevant to your business, and they certainly don’t apply it for you.

Axiom is the only company that is doing all three of these important components and doing it at a price that every business in America can afford. Axiom provides a hardware, future generation firewall that is appropriately sized for the company. Axiom’s certified cybersecurity engineers fully configure every appliance for the company because no two company’s infrastructure is the same. Finally, Axiom applies real time updates based on the most up-to-date threat information available to any public company on the globe, keeping our clients ahead of hackers that would use that same data to breach other companies.

How We Got Started

After working internationally for organizations such as the European Union, United Nations, Interpol and the U.S. State Department, we moved home to Las Vegas and immediately saw a gap in the local market for a trusted cybersecurity adviser. Axiom opened its doors July 1st, 2015 and has been helping both small and large corporations since. We quickly realized the major gap in cyber is the time that a vulnerability is identified in the world - until you patch against it - is the business's risk factor. By reducing that time to zero, we are able to keep our customers ahead of data breaches. In cybersecurity, it's not a matter of if, but when hackers will target you. No matter how small or big your company, you have valuable data and hackers will take advantage of any vulnerabilities they find. Our hardware and software platform ensures that we apply up to the minute threat intelligence so that our customers can sleep better at night knowing the experts are watching.

Axiom Sentry - Future Generation Firewall (FGFW)

The Axiom Sentry Future Generation Firewall is a turn key, easy to deploy firewall that can inspect up to 1GB internet / second using deep packet inspection to stop today's cyber threats. The Axiom Sentry is perfect for small and medium businesses with less than 250 employees and less than 1GB of...
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