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It takes creative genius in to succeed in business today. Standing head and shoulders above your competitors places you in the "TOP OF MIND" category. It's a struggle most small businesses never win at.


Marketing Partners specializes in creating OUTRAGEOUS experiences for your customer base, then capitalizing on them by using bleeding-edge strategies, tactics, solutions and collaboration. We're more than strategists. You can expect outrageous results from all things digital.

Marketing Partners GUARANTEES we'll generate more leads than you have ever experienced.

How We Got Started

(Began with other businesses. MPLLC began in 2012)

Lot's of things. At the age of 9, I sold greeting and Christmas cards door-to-door, so entrepreneurship came early. One way or another, I've been doing it ever since.

If you want the full story on how MAK and I got together (on a bet in Vagas of course) go to https://MarketingPartnersLLC.com/about

Our Ideal Customer

We focus on small businesses, especially hospitality, legal, real estate and medical.

Hospitality - local restaurants, chains, hotels, motels, clubs, marinas

Legal - primarily Personal Injury, Worker's Comp, Malpractice,

Real Estate - Agencies, Brokers, investors.

Medical - Plastic Surgeons, Physicians, Wellness Practitioners, Dentists

Our Team
David J Dunworth International Best Selling Author from Marketing Partners
David J Dunworth International Best Selling Author
Chief Experiences Officer
M. Alex Kaine from Marketing Partners
M. Alex Kaine
EVP - In Charge of Looking Out the Window
Products & Services

Primo Fini Content Publishers

Content. Every aspect of content creation and curation. We provide blog articles, eBooks, White Papers, script writing, and ghost writing services. The first and last word in content.


Reputation Management Services RepIntel provides complete web presence management, from social media, content, web, news, online mentions and image postings across the entire web. Review management and response, everything about your brand protection,
Businesses We Recommend
Talk about staying on top of your account, Colleen is right on it. Get personalized, caring service from an outstanding provider. We highly recommend AA Worldwide Travel
I just did a terrible thing. I accidentally eliminated my recommendation. I can't believe I did this. Anyway, I want the world to know that Edna Wilson is an ardent supporter of Marketing Partners, has produced high quality and timely work for one of our clients. They were pleased with the professionalism and timeliness of the content she ghost wrote for them. I heartily recommend her and her company. Outstanding!
Having known Bonnie for many years through our mutual organization CEO SPACE, on Facebook for years and now here on Alignable, I must tell you that she is the absolute best person to advance your business via her vast network, marketing and communications services. I highly recommend her. She'll get the job done right!
I've known Johnnie for years, and you cannot find a better human being. I also share his passion for saving gold, and recommend him highly!
Just as Janice's creativity brightens people's lives, she also shares her kindness, joy, positive spirit of creativity with the world. Glad she is part of this world.
Great advice and education. I conur.
The Clear Business Directory is THE place to be for entrepreneurs, speakers, presenters, consultants, small business owners, and business executives. Having been vetted by counterintelligence specialists and proudly letting the world know you are "In the Clear" tells them that you have been checked out by the best in the world, and that you can be trusted. I proudly am IN THE CLEAR! These people are the best.
Dawn is an amazing coach, teacher, and writes fantastic copy. I've shared the stage with Dawn on more than one occasion and is a pleasure to be around, let alone work with. I consider her a dear friend. I attended Dawn's 8-week course and learned so much it's almost embarrassing to admit it. After all, I've written hundreds of articles, 6 books, and write for others. Dawn's work appears all across the web; the New York Times, Chase for Business, the Huffington Post are just some of the top spots her work appears, Dawn's insights are enabling me to perform better, produce better headlines and subject lines and more precise copy in general. Should you ever need a professionally done bit of copy, looking to break into the big leagues, I highly recommend Dawn Gluskin and Blissed Communications.
We're Global Citizen supporters because of the outstanding work they do to help those less privileged around the world.
The Social Register is a phenomenal organization, driving local business forward through interaction with top leadership. Worthy of your focus and attention.
You are just what small business needs; a friendly and collaborative banking institution. Thank you for the recommendation
Spent time speaking with Leo, smart guy. Although we didn't do business together, I feel confident he knows of what he speaks.
Michael is the master of getting and maintaining Google Page One status for any company, large and small. I highly recommend him to everyone I work with.
Hey Guys and Gals, I trust you are doing well keeping things bright and fresh. Your services are greatly needed in certain parts of the city, and if there is someone I can refer I will.
Seta is one of the most diligent of people, always working toward growing her company's brand, educating clients and just being positive ALL THE TIME. You could do well connecting with her and Gap International, as they are top in their field.
Ninon Speaks is a force to be reckoned with if you are anybody in Las Vegas. She's connected, a connector, and has the widest eyes in the social scene. I highly recommend her.
As business brokers, the buying and selling of commercial businesses is a bustling market, especially here in the desert. Thanks for the rec. If I can do something for you, reach out. I'll be happy to help you with whatever you might need.
Thanks for the rec. The wellness industry needs folks like yourselves to spur on healthy lifestyles. Thanks. If there is something I can do for you, don't hesitate to reach out.
If you are part of an organization searching for true growth strategies based on strong leadership principles, Gap International can be the answer. Seta Topakbashian can make great things happen for you and your organization, whether for profit or non-profit. They create a performance environment for you to excel. Couldn't say any higher praise then for Gap International. The absolute best.
One look at their home page and awards tells all. Portside is a firm to be respected and admired because they take such a personal approach to your marketing project. "Best of'" awards for multiple years tells me they are consistently at the top of their game, jolly on the spot to make sure they over-deliver on expectations.
Hey Mark, Thanks for the rec. I know how busy you and your office must be with all of the activity and business growth occurring in Vegas. I know your quality always shines through, so keep up and keep strong.
I'm a proud veteran of the Viet Nam Era and rely on the VA for all my medical needs. Great organization helping all vets.
I cannot say enough good things about Own Your Social.The entire team is constantly fine-tuning projects, improving on the near-perfect, and ready to exceed expectations. These folks are terrific!
Mort and Jeff help small businesses and startups find the cash they need to either expand or get their businesses off the ground. They do it with zero percent financing strategies that are non-traditional, but extremely ingenious, in that they help you maximize your capabilities while minimizing cost. Astounding results for several people I know and will come to them the moment I need growth capital for my next expansion. These fellas are the real deal; I know and respect them to the highest degree. True professionals.I recommend them highly!
I highly recommend Still Digital Designs and Bob Still. For the absolute best digital design, videos and imagery related marketing and advertising, you have found the perfect place. I've known Bob for nearly a decade, and can vouch for both his creativity and professionalism, but also his creativity. No one that I am aware of can out-perform Still Digital Designs.
Ken Newton and Financial Halo LLC will make significant to your business and personal life. I speak this with a sincere and honest recommendation of their services, with Ken at the helm. Their services and solutions are second to none, and the leadership is team and client focused, with heartfelt collaboration. For a great opportunity to work for yourself but not by yourself, Financial Halo is the place to be.
The Business Acceleration Summit will celebrate its next event, the 9th BAS in May. It's a super place to really drive your business forward quickly, find team participants, learn new strategies, consult with top experts and expand your knowledge, all in the comfort of like-minded people. You simply cannot go wrong. Leading experts not only share their expertise, there are team and group exercises designed to introduce new concepts, motivate, excite and teach. And, the best part is you can dine with any of the coaches and mentors. You cannot miss. I highly recommend it. David J Dunworth Marketing Partners
Enhanced Business Solutions is one of those rare companies that truly cares about their customers. So much so that even their new customers are overwhelmed with the "Top of Market" services they provide. You'd be missing something if you didn't give them an opportunity to astound you. David J Dunworth Chief Experiences Officer Marketing Partners LLC
Armount TV produces some content for businesses that is much more than words. Thanks for the rec. I hope your business grows
DAV is one of the best organizations I know. My friend is the former executive director, and now runs his cattle ranch from a wheelchair. What a terrific organization.
A wealth of valuable information can be found by simply connecting. You'll be surprised the value of a concealed carry permit can have, especially in a great many parts of our country.
Mark's Take Control Marketing firm is a gem. If you are not getting the results you need from your website or emails, you need a makeover, and Take Control Marketing can do just that. I highly recommend you take a serious look at Mark Mehling's Take Control Marketing!
Hugh is one of those tremendously at-ease presenters that holds so much value worth sharing you have to attend one of his events. I just attended the Business Acceleration Summit and he was spectacular!
We support St. Jude Children Research Medical Center because they provide the care children and families truly deserve.
Laci is absolutely the best. She' on top of things at all times, has just the right answers and who couldn't fall in love with that smile? I'd be happy to collaborate with her anytime. David J Dunworth Marketing Partners LLC
Past Events & Promotions
OUTRAGEOUS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES for Generating Leads. We're covering how to become a lead magnet and only attract the ideal customers/clients. You'll also learn why your most frustrating clients not only ruin your day but they are KILLING your business. http://bit.ly/2mlg8QT
OUTRAGEOUS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES for Generating Leads. I know you'll get a lot out of the 90 minutes we'll be spending together. We're covering how to become a lead magnet and only attract the ideal customers/clients. You'll also learn why your most frustrating clients not only ruin your day...
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