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any one who loves Cheesecakes lol

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I have been baking Cheesecakes for about 20 years and I have been told I have an excellent product, my cakes are reasonably priced 40-60 I do personal. 9" and 10" am a home based baker for the time being, but that should change by next summer, I stand behind my work, if for any reason you are not satisfied I will make it right, by either making it again or refunding your money, if your not happy then neither am I, my motto is "one taste is all it takes"

How We Got Started

love of baking and the challenge it presents


I bake and sell some of the best cheesecakes in the Vegas area, try one for your self if not 100% satisfied I will refund your money AND give you a new cake at my expense, I stand by my product, I also do personal cakes as well a 3" cake is the perfect gift for the holidays just enough for 1

Raspberry Mini's

we take our delicious specialty Cheesecake, bake it to perfection on top of a crispy slightly sweetened, Graham Cracker Crust, then we top of it off with fresh Raspberries tossed in a sweet preserve. $10.00 each, perfect for that individual gift or to bring to your holiday party

Cherry Cheesecake

We start out with our signature Cheesecake, bake it on top of a Graham Cracker Crust, then we top if off with a Cherry Compote. $40.00

Strawberry Swirl

a naturally sweetened Strawberry Cheesecake with Natural Strawberries swirled inside the batter

Chocolate Cheesecake with a Chocolate Mousse Topping

a Chocolate lovers dream, we start off with a Dark Chocolate blended into our signature Cheesecake baked on top of a Chocolate Cookie Crust, then topped off with an Authentic Chocolate Mousse

a Mini Butterscotch Cheesecake

This is almost as good as it gets we start out with a Maple flavored Nilla Cookie Crust, on top of that we bake our specialty Cheesecake blended with Butterscotch flavor, then we top it off with melted Butterscotch and topped off with Butterscotch Chips Yum Yum $10.00

Strawberry Cheesecake with Pink Champagne

This cake will be available as a 4" mini only, we start off with a tasty lightly sweetened Graham Cracker Crust, we then take our signature Cheesecake blended with Pink Champagne we bake it to perfection the top it off with a fresh Strawberry Compote. $12.00

Mint Chocolate Cheesecake

A Minty Chocolate Cheesecake made with Mint Cookies and Mint Candies mixed together, a wonderful combination for those of you who like the taste of Mint, this is a frozen cake

S'Mores Cheesecake

So we take Graham Crackers add some Marshmallows Chunks of Chocolate, blend it into some Cream Cheese, bake it to perfection, and there you have it, The same treat you probably made when you were a scout, except in Cheesecake form.

Peach Cheesecake

A wonderfully naturally sweet Cheesecake loaded with Peach Compote and topped with Peach Preserves and a few sliced Peaches, baked on a Ginger Snap crust

A Cheesecake in a Jar

a Gourmet Cheesecake in a jar, a simple but tasty to way to eat your Cheesecake so it stays fresh and it comes in a cute keepsake jar

Strawberry Banana Cheesecake in a Jar

a all natural treat with only fresh fruit, you start off with a Buttery Graham Cracker Crust then take some fresh Banana's blend them with Cream Cheese and Whipped Topping then we layer it in a Jar with Fresh Fruit for a unique 1 of a kind treat.
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