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Tips of the Day, In-studio Interviews, Product Display, Live QA, Mobile and Social Broadcasting, Full Television Program Creation, Green Screen Studio Production, Genealogy Videos, Educational Videos, Training, Crowdfunding Video and Campaign Management, About Me Video, Video Business Profiles, 30Sec TV Commercial Production, Fundraising Videos, Video and Audio Editing, Real Estate Listing, Non-Profit Videos, Social Media Marketing Management and Promotions

How We Got Started

Our goal is to assist businesses in the marketing and promotion of local goods, services and events through the use of social media across an ever changing global marketplace.

Our Ideal Customer

We are seeking clients who need assistance in bringing their messages, products, services, news and events to the right audience.

Our Team
George Robbins
Products & Services

Amazon Online Sales Management/Consultation Service

Do you have Inventory sitting on your self? Do you want to Make Money selling on Amazon, Ebay, Esty and others but... Don't have the time... Don't know how... Don't know what you're getting into... Don't understand how to use social networks, the technology or the marketing strategies...

Your1Minute Video Production

We will come to your location shoot, edit and distribute a 1 minute video about your business. You will be given links and a digital copy for your social marketing. Starting $99.00 Watch Video Sample: https://youtu.be/KFCfWg6gqiw

Your1Minute Networking Group Discount

Do you run a Business Referral Networking Group and would like to offer your members a High Quality One Minute Digital Video Business Card? These Cards can be used on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and More... Gather 10 or More Members to pay $35.00 each and we will come to your...

Your1Miunte RealtyView Video Production

Realtors! Add Video to your marketing efforts. We will shoot, edit and distribute your Video Real Estate Profiles. This package includes owner and realtor interviews. Starting $99.00 per listing Watch Video: https://goo.gl/RKwh1F

Video Biographer

Want to tell your family history with a Ken Burns Style Video. We will capture your family photos, interview key family historians and edit your family history into a gift that will last for generations. Starting at $99.00

Crowdfunding Assistance

Startups, Non-Profits, New Product Launch, Fundraiser, Market Research all can use the power of the Crowd to help you take it to the next level. We can help guide you through the complex world of Crowdfunding Investment. We have helped many campaigns reach their funding goals and will help...

Social Media Content Creation and Management

Does your company have a Social Media Manager? Do they create or just control content? We create, manage and market content that is targeted media about your company and its message. So many companies large and small are missing the boat when it comes to leveraging the power of social. We...

In-Studio Green Screen Production

We will work with you in our Lawrenceville, GA based Green Screen Studio to produce a video that will bring your company results. We can turn you into a video expert in your industry in one session. Tips of the Day, In-studio Interviews, Product Display, Live QA Mobile and Social...

Facebook Marketing Video and Targeted Boost Campaign

Sick of spending good money for no results marketing? The New Facebook Video Marketing Platform has changed all that and we want to show you how to take full advantage of these new opportunities. We will come to your location shoot edit and promote your video message to thousands of...

$250 Three Minute Video Business Profile and Promotion

Are you using Video to Market your Business? Your1Minute Full Video Profile Videos are up to 3 Minutes Includes Music Graphics Editing and Promotions only $250.00 per video! Your1Minute Productions wants to tell Your Story. We want to share your message to a ever growing mobile marketplace....

30 Second Television Commercial Production

Your1Minute is currently offering 30 sec TV ready commercial production with packages starting as low as $250.00. All Packages include citywide airtime buying and budget assistance as well as social network promotion assistance. Video Examples: Choices To You: https://youtu.be/RzVe2ek2g18 ...
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A Better Sign
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Past Events & Promotions
Do you have a one minute elevator speech? If you are in business and go to any network referral events then you know how important it is to have one that is clear and effective. A good one minute is one of the best ways to introduce yourself, your company or organization, your products to someone...
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Do you have family videos and special occasions you wish you could share online but they are on a DVD? Maybe you have a presentation on DVD or a VHS of your class reunion and you want to add it to your Facebook page. We can convert it for you. We turn your video into a digital format ready for...
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Do you have a one minute elevator speech about your business? If yes, we can turn that into a social media video that gets you results. We shoot, edit and promote a story about you and your business. We help you craft the perfect message and then help you find the perfect audience. For more info...
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George Robbins answered Is Facebook Advertising Cost Effective for Service...
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I use the leads Ad promotion tool. It gives you referrals. $35 per month go me 17 leads. I paid one month and closed 4 but 2 turned out to be worth $1000 each in work. Soooo... (more)

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