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About Us

We meet at a determined businesses, McDonald's parking lot for example at 9 am. As a group caravan to a house and pick their residential fruit with permission and appointment. All are volunteers, mostly youth groups. Groups are highly encouraged to participate: Boy Scouts, SDSU Students Nutrition Org, Faith Students, SDSU, SDU and UCSD students, to name a few, together with families.

How We Got Started

The founder had a back injury, resulting in two surgeries. During recovery, he literally typed an idea with a desktop, placed by a friend on the floor. Brainstorming lead to a one inch binder on how to implement the mission. The notebook was shelved for several years, the founder unable to physically place the concept into action . Nobody wanted to take it. In 2009, the founder routinely dropped his son at St John Youth Group of Lemon Grove. An idea hit. The founder literally made a U turn and asked the youth director for his collaboration: it worked. The first year resulted in 4,000 pounds. The following year, doubled. The third year, close to 10,000 pounds. It just grew in demand, a win/win free service for the community--feeding limited income families and seniors with fresh residential fruit, all tax-deductible! Now, Harvest CROPS averages over 60,000 pounds a year, distributing to over 25 food pantries with fresh residential fruit, that would otherwise go spoil.

Our Ideal Customer

All businesses are encouraged to investigate Harvest CROPS, please! We are a four-time-win service: Residents win with a tax-deduction receipt in estimated pounds donated, knowing their fruit is given for people to enjoy, not wasted, plus rats are eradicated, looking for food source outside their yards. Volunteers win with a life-giving experience, especially youth groups, students and clubs, all receiving recognition for community required services. Food pantries win receiving the free residential fruit, too expensive to purchase on the market, plus distributed fresh, unlike last minute store leftovers. Finally businesses win with their logo recognition on our advertisement and networking media, always grateful of their financial or equipment contributions, all tax-deductible as a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit. Everyone wins with a very established and well organized organization that serves our community.

Our Team
Sergio D Padilla from Harvest CROPS
Sergio D Padilla
Products & Services

Free Residential Fruit Harvesting

Receive a tax-deduction receipt for the fruit we harvest in estimated pounds, plus know you are feeding limited income families and seniors. Your fruit is not wasted, instead going to people who greatly appreciate your permission to donation your fruit. We thank you.

Volunteer time recognition for students or civil groups

Come as an individual or organized group to volunteer harvesting fresh residential fruit with permission and an appointment, confirmed by the coordinator. Volunteer from one to three hours. Visit our webpage for details, www.harvestcrops.org Your time is valuable. We appreciated each...
Businesses We Recommend
Donated Harvest Poles and other materials
Donated gloves and protective glasses
Donated cash to support our mission
Donated cash to support our mission
Dig Imperial Beach wrote a very nice article about our nonprofit www.harvestcrops.org mission, a harvest in Imperial Beach. Linda and Karen lead the harvest and Dig Imperial Beach was very nice to give credit well deserved. They are a great link, connection to a local community--vital to local businesses and residents. The little things in life, DIB, writes history as we grow older, reflecting on written accounts about our daily lives. Thanks
Donated gloves and protective glasses
Integrity Home Solution Group,
Integrity Home Solution Group
Donated cash to support our mission
Donated cash to support our mission
Donated Harvest Poles and other materials
Speedway Autobody & Paint, Lemon Grove CA
Speedway Autobody & Paint
Lemon Grove CA • 0.9 mi away • Car Repair
Donated labor and materials to support our mission
Past Events & Promotions
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Here is a great opportunity to have staff enjoy San Diego beautiful weather as volunteers in team building. Harvest CROPS is always seeking volunteers ranging from five to 30. We are a federal registered nonprofit. Your team will enjoy the outdoors harvesting residential fruit, were all fruit...
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We pick residential fruit trees--free, and give the fruit to food pantries, to feed limited income families and seniors who greatly appreciate the fresh harvested fruit--oranges, tangerines, pears, peaches, avocados, and more. Fruit that would otherwise spoil, drop and rot, is now given to...
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The phone is key, presenting a personality behind the business. As a nonprofit, we first send emails, an introduction. Then we mail letters with literature addressed to a "Decision Maker" mostly... (more)
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Can I give a tax-deduction receipt for servicing my personal vehicle, although it's our primary nonprofit vehicle...? As founder and volunteer, I use my personal 92 Ford F-150 to haul residential... (more)
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