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The Mall at Whitney Field, formerly Searstown Mall, is an enclosed shopping center located off of Route 2 near the junction with Interstate 190 in Leominster, Massachusetts, United States. The mall opened in 1967 and was renovated and renamed in 2004. The mall features J.C. Penney, Macy's (originally Filene's), Sears, and Burlington Coat Factory as anchor stores. The mall was previously owned by Walton Street Capital LLC of Chicago until May 2013 when Vintage Real Estate acquired the mall with plans to renovate and turnaround the struggling mall.HistoryThe Mall at Whitney Field opened in 1967 as the "Searstown Mall". The mall originally opened with Sage-Allen, Sears, R. H. White, and Bradlees as anchors. The mall was expanded substantially in the 1980s adding a long wing created from the closed R. H. White building, leading to a new J.C. Penney store. In 1992 Sage-Allen closed their store at the mall and was replaced by a Service Merchandise store. Around that time, Toys "R" Us built a store that was attached to Bradlees, but only had an exterior entrance. In 1999, more changes came to the mall. Service Merchandise closed their store in 1999 and as a result, the long side wing leading to their old store emptied out. In 2000, the mall big-boxed the wing turning much of it into an Old Navy store along with replacing Service Merchandise with a Circuit City store. After Bradlees departure in 2001, the mall was left with a large vacancy. The former Bradlees store was later demolished in 2002 and its former mall entrance was replaced with an outdoor entrance to the mall. In the same year, Filene's opened a large two-level store at the mall, one entrance down from the former Bradlees store.

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