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About Us

Everything You Know About Marketing and Advertising is wrong!

That's why no matter how much money you spend or how hard you try... you're disappointed with the results.

Don't believe me? Pop Quiz! Quickly... considering all your competitors, how is your business any better or different from them? Go ahead I'll wait. Write it down before going forward. OK, Time's Up.

Now if you came up with something lame involving "Better Service," "Time in Business," "Friendly employees," or "Better Quality." Beep! You failed! Not trying to be mean, but don't you think all your competitors are saying the same things?

Now I admit, this was a pretty hard question, but think how much harder it is for your customers, who are just trying to decide who to give their money to?

Jim Rohn, the iconic business philosopher, outlined a simple 3-step formula for successful communications:

1. Have something good to say.

2. Learn to say it well.

3. Then... Say it often.

Once you innovate your business so you have some good news, it's easy to tell your customers about it and it's easy to set your business apart from everyone else. Even better, this is how you increase your advertising returns 40, 100 even 400%

If you aren't getting the response you want from your advertising... We Need To Talk.

How We Got Started

At age 56 I had an opportunity to retire from my glossy international sales job and develop another source of income that I could work at in my old age. I convinced my beautiful wife Peggi to join me. She loves photography and I love Sales and Marketing, a match made in heaven.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer would be someone who wants to innovate and grow their business. Someone who knows that the best things in life are worth working hard for.

Who we are not looking for is an owner who likes to take shortcuts, expects instant results and consistently steps over dollars to pick up pennies.

Our Team
John Wiggill from John Wiggill & Peggi Stingle
John Wiggill
Writer - Marketing Copywriter
Peggi Stingle from John Wiggill & Peggi Stingle
Peggi Stingle
Products & Services

Writer, Sales & Marketing Consultant

Hi, my name’s John Wiggill. I’m a freelance marketing copywriter which means I write sales-oriented copy(messages) for any size business. A good copywriter does something that’s unique in today's marketing business. He creates profit faucets that are trackable and actually generates a return...

Writer... background stories

One of the best things you can do for your business is to have an interesting background-story for brochures and websites. Many businesses make it into a glossy coffee table book that they can sell or give away to customers. If the story is compelling enough, it can really establish goodwill...
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