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About Us

At H2 Heaven and Hell Fitness, we offer 40 to 45 minute sessions, 5 days a week! We also offer some Saturday classes. These high intensity functional training workouts are different everyday and are available in both indoor and outdoor classes.

Our sessions involve a wide range of exercises and include a combination of the following:

Agility (Balance & Coordination)

Battling ropes



Cardio training

Core strengthening


Jump roping

Kettle bells

Medicine balls

Partner drills

Resistance training


Sand bags

Stability balls

Sports drills

Tires, Platforms, Sleds

Jungle Gym

Our Team
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Damon Burrell
Products & Services
Past Events & Promotions
H2 Heaven and Hell Hill Bootcamp we be a 60 min a high intensity functional training workout session. Come out and join us for a great workout. Non Heaven & Hell members welcomed. $10 per person