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About Us

Our company provides 100% residential financing and 100% rehab loans to new and seasoned investors who wish to buy, fix, flip or rent at 65% of the ARV. You don't have to put 20 to 30% down as a requirement from most hard money lenders. Simply join as a member and you will have access to all the funding you need and the power of a Proof of Funds Letter of up to $250K to complete all your single family funding needs. Call us today to become a member for only $4,999!

How We Got Started

We started out selling homes to home buyers from out of state and investors who wanted to buy and flip properties. We found that many people who claimed to buy houses cash were actually doing assignment of contract and not the actual cash buyers themselves. Hence, we wanted to help them by providing funding so they can become true investors through having access to money to help close the deals and control the asset.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is a new or seasoned investor who wants to buy an investment property at 65% of ARV. The investor will get 100% financing and rehab cost based on the 65% of ARV. We don't require 20-30% down like hard money lenders and the loan proceeds are determined by the property value, not based on your credit. You must be a member to have access to the funds. We lend up to $400,000. Call us at 678-907-0413 to discuss membership fee and your plans to invest in single family real estate properties.

Our Team
Vernon Ryan from Nate Financial Group
Vernon Ryan
Products & Services

Better Than Hard Money Loan Product

All the Funding You Need! This funding is ONLY for Real Estate Investors! You don't have to put any of your own money into a deal and can make ALL of the Profit. This is true 100% Financing for your FIX and FLIPS. Your membership fee covers your coaching, appraisal, site visit, fix and flip...
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