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About Us

Hi. I'm Elise with Fido Friendly. Our publication is about traveling with one's dog. Our readers and followers adore their pets and buy a great deal of merchandise for them annually. We've been publishing our print magazine for 16 years and reach 265,000 dog lovers on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is a pet product or service company that wants to reach 265,000 people who adore & pamper dogs & take them everywhere!

Our Team
Elise Phillips Margulis from Fido Friendly Magazine
Elise Phillips Margulis
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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Annual Autumn adoption tour. We travel from California to Chicago on Rt. 66 & host adoption days at many animal shelters. We help animals find homes & raise money for the shelters!
Businesses We Recommend
Christine has devoted her life to saving the Greyhounds and has succeeded in closing down many race tracks! Fido Friendly magazine loves Grey2K & Christine! Everyone should support this wonderful cause!!