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About Us

Reliable Web and Mobile app developers that small businesses and startups can actually afford, and get exactly what they expect or more. Rapid response customer service, 24-7-365. Team experienced in PHP/Laravel,CakePHP,Yii,React/Node,Drupal,Wordpress,Xamarin,Android,iOS,MongoDB,Msssql,Windows10,iOT,industrial processing, and more. https://coderscoop.com , team@coderscoop.com, (519) 914-0144

How We Got Started

We sniffed around all the local brick and mortar development firms and concluded that few startups and small entreprises could afford their fees. As a result, these potential customers have no choice but to gamble on freelancers and offshore companies, often with poor results. Thanks to our business model that keeps operating costs to a bare minimum, we're able to offer the same quality service as the traditional firms, but at a cost that's only 1/3 or even less.

Our Ideal Customer

A small company with a great vision that needs a service like ours to deliver it, and wants to still have funds left over to grow their business. Big companies are welcome, of course, as we have the team to handle any size project!

Our Team
Tom Germain from Coder Scoop Inc.
Tom Germain
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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These offers are effective until August 31st. Offers cannot be combined: Code "SCOOP5" : Enjoy our low rates that are 1/3rd or less than our competition and get another 5% off your first project, right off your contract! New customers only. Code "SCOOP2000": Why risk getting hacked by using...
Here are some SurveyMonkey comments from attendees of the previous editions: "Loved the opportunity to get valuable info from a knowledgable professional in the industry, in plain language and at no cost!" - unidentified attendee "I did learn some new information about the ways to market my...
Products & Services

High Quality Handcrafted Web Design & Logo

Give your company a high calibre online identity with our top notch web / graphic designers, at 1/3 the cost of the traditional firms. All our designs are fully responsive.

Low Cost Professional Mobile App development

Professional quality mobile app development. Multi-platform using Xamarin, or native, for iOS, Android and Windows 10, at a rate much, much lower than traditional firms.

Best rates on Microsoft development

Our rates for our top Microsoft certified developers cannot be beat! Desktop, web or mobile apps, MSSQL, .Net, C#, etc. We can even handle legacy MS code. All our programmers are local! Contact us for details and a quote. Contact us for details or a quote: https://coderscoop.com,...

Low cost Professional PHP development

Low cost pro PHP development with or without frameworks like Laravel or Cake. We can create from scratch or fix and enhance your orphaned applications.

Developers Outsource To Us!

We do quality work anonymously for several local web / software development firms. Talk to us about how our business model can fit seamlessly into yours and increase your revenues without any investment in new personnel or office space.
Businesses We Recommend
Great local business magazine -- affordable advertising. Friendly and helpful staff. Best of all, they make our ads for us at no additional cost!
At the cusp of med tech
upstanding pro developer
upstanding young developer
Top employee investigations service in SW Ontario
Membership is the best investment you'll ever make
Too many people ignore their digital security until it's too late. Nivsys can protect you from the risks you probably aren't even aware of, as well as rescue you if the bad guys already got to you!
Upstanding webdev
The go-to company for instructional video production!
Invaluable information provided
Top ruby on rails, PHP/Laravel developer
They'll do the soul sucking groundwork that you don't have time for and set-up meetings with already fully qualified potential clients, all at a very affordable price!
Gay Lea is a Canadian institution! Kerr Smith has been a pleasure to work with as he organizes the annual Co-opalooza festival (don't miss it!)
Indispensable in Huron county
Cassie is Classy!
recommended web/graphic designer
Pro video production
i was impressed by Lisa's knowledge and she also happens to be a terrific person to talk to!
A service that make concrete ordering and batching much easier
Past Events & Promotions
This traveling cybersecurity workshop seeks to bring cybersecurity awareness to businesses that use the Internet (which is all of them!). We tell you what to watch out for and how to protect your business and yourself from becoming the next victim. RSVP/details:...
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These offers are effective until August 31st. Offers cannot be combined: Code "SCOOP5" : Enjoy our low rates that are 1/3rd or less than our competition and get another 5% off your first project, right off your contract! New customers only. Code "SCOOP2000": Why risk getting hacked by using...
We're one of the tech companies sponsoring the annual Tech Alliance BBQ. This is the one you shouldn't miss! Hundreds of tech sector will be there, including several from our company (easily identifiable by our T shirts!). Get details and your tickets (includes food) here:...
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We have several experts in 3d printing on our team, but they usually cost a pretty good dime and their availability is limited for small projects. However, if you're still interested, let me know. (more)

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