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About Us

I help businesses GAIN and RETAIN customers and clients. I will teach you how to reach out to your current market and appreciate them in a unique and personal way. We provide a contact manager that will allow you to enter dates that are important to your clients, like birth dates and anniversaries. Once entered into our system you will get reminded in advance so you can connect with your clients on a personal basis. The mail that you send to them is NOT junk mail or thrown away. I can almost guarantee 100% that your message will be read. I provide Master Relationship Marketing tools and instruction that assist in building & strengthening relationships for your bottom line and your heart line. Our system will save you time & money allowing you to schedule in advance mailing campaigns to connect with, appreciate and reward your current & future clients/customers. You can choose from our extensive library or create your own cards. Our cards are printed on high quality card stock and made with earth friendly recyclable materials and soy based ink. Printed right here in the USA. All you do is create and click send we do the rest. We print, stuff, stamp and deliver it to the post office the very next day. FOR LESS THEN TWO DOLLARS each, including the postage!! Or in the case of a multi-card campaign when you decided to have the mailed.

How We Got Started

I realized that we as a society have be slowly disconnecting because of advancement of technology. I knew that there must be a way to bring back real connections. I found this system and knew it was a way to combine the best of technology and good old fashioned direct mail to help build lasting relationships both personal and professional. There are hundreds of thousands of people/businesses who feel the same and currently use this system to achieve that goal

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone, business or personal that needs a unique and simple way to appreciate the people in their life which will lead to building a better relationship. Anyone who needs to find a way to save time and money. Anyone who needs a personal assistant but can not afford one.

Our Team
Bob Haywood from Hard Copy Cards
Bob Haywood
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According to Harvey MacKay.."Anyone not using SOC is missing the boat. There is nothing better in the market place for building strong lasting relationships." Contact me and I will show you how you can make this work for YOUR business. NO OBLIGATION NO COMMITMENT demonstration. It is so...
Products & Services

Contact Manager

Different than the ones currently on the market. 1.) No Cost, to maintain it as long as you send at least one card every 18 months 2.) It sends you reminders. This "contact manager" is also your own PERSONAL greeting card company that will allow you to create unique and personal greeting cards...
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Business education and training via awesome true stories as a heads up this is 37 minutes but a MUST WATCH for any one in any business at the end there is a web address that contains many incredible 2 minute tips for other businesses !! I have 5 no commitment No obligation trials I will...
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This year do it differently ! I know, we say that every year. So I want to help. We have designed a Signature Holiday card series and NOW is the time to take advantage of it. I can help where ever you are in the country. But if you are in my area I will be glad to visit your office to answer...
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I am looking for the first 5 who set up a meet and greet with me. I will give a code that will allow YOU to create 8 personal greeting cards, NOT email real greeting card, Professional quality, using your own pictures and words. They will be printed and mailed for you, I will even pay the...
Top Forum Activity
Bob Haywood answered How Do You Create Raving Fans For Your Business?
4 months ago • 1 Like
The absolute best way to create raving fans for your business is to treat your current and future clients the way YOU would want to be treated. With respect, honesty and appreciation. I have just... (more)
Bob Haywood answered Online Marketers, What's the Best Way to Connect With...
26 days ago • 1 Like • 2 Replies
First you have to develop a relationship with them. Let them know that you really care about THEM. Do this by recognizing their accomplishments, acknowledging their worth celebrating their... (more)
Bob Haywood answered Does Anyone Have Any Marketing Books They Would Highly...
10 days ago
Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive by Harvey MacKay (2005 version) In that book he says "Anyone not using SOC is missing the boat. There is nothing better in the Market Place for... (more)
Bob Haywood answered How Can I Get Sales on Social Media for a Dog Treat...
15 days ago
you have to be able to engage with your viewers. Offer some type of incentive in order to get contact information from them. Then build a relationship with them using that information. Look them... (more)
Bob Haywood answered What's the Best Way to Build a Paid Referral Network as a...
16 days ago
The short answer is..Give to Give. The long answer is in how you can actually accomplish that with out investing massive amounts of time and money. The system I use allows me to build personal... (more)
Bob Haywood answered Marketing Professionals, How Do You Get a Consistent...
2 months ago
One of the very best was to accomplish this task is to consistently appreciate the clients you currently have. And NOT in a "salesy" way. Reach out to them on a regular basis throughout the year.... (more)
Bob Haywood answered Marketers, Do You Advertise In Yellow Pages?
3 months ago
I sold yellow page advertising for 9 years in the late 70's and into the 80's. At the time I was very successful. I believe it was because I understood what YP really was. You see there are... (more)

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