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Where you live and work have a huge impact on your success. Professionally and personally you deserve to enjoy efficient, useful and beautiful surroundings. Make the most of what you have! Add to your bottom line! Live your dream!

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We love people who love life....even some who just need a nudge.

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Jeffrey Brooks from Brooks Jeffrey Interior Design
Jeffrey Brooks
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Using what you have we'll add style & elegance to your place! The season will be here sooner than you think, be ahead of the curve. Love where you live now! Improve your office productivity now!
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Look your best! Re-imagine your home using what you have with our help! Update now!
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WW has established itself as a professional workroom and more than that, keeps ahead of the curve when it comes to our industry. Jeffrey Brooks
Tracey is a professional who is driven to produce real results. She has a roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic that's infectious. Tracey is an encyclopedia of information which is valuable to her clientele and has built her business with integrity.
My clients are always happy with the upholstery I specify from Jim Stewart. The quality is unmatched and the factory is dependable. Nothing better for an Interior Designer like me!
A few years back I was invited to contribute to the Winston School's fundraising event. As a result I learned about the school and the quality of the education there. Everyone I came in contact with was a real pleasure to work with.
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Jeffrey Brooks asked How Can I Increase My Work Flow as an Interior Designer?
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I use online outlets like Houzz.com, Pinterest.com, Facebook and so on regularly and my website is up to date but I'm not seeing real results. I could use any ideas you can share to connect with... (more)
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