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About Us

Culinary Delight Catering opened it's doors in 1978, we recently went live with a new website.

We are a Los Angeles full service catering company and are celebrating 37 years in business.

We offer the freshest ingredients available and prepare our foods in our kitchen.

Culinary Delight Catering provide excellent, friendly, professional customer service.

We offer budget as well as regular menu's at affordable prices.

Culinary Delight Catering pride ourselves on fresh and tasty foods. Our full service catering service allows you to be a guest at your own party or event.

We have won several awards for our Catering Services as well as Cupcakes. We specialize in Best Kids Parties and Artfully arranged Best Party Platters, Best Appetizer.

Culinary Delight Catering deliver to your location.

Culinary Delight Catering is proud to announce that we were recently selected to Expertise list of top 20 caterer's, please visit their website to see how they select the top 20 caterer's. www.expertise.com and view Culinary Delight Catering at www.expertise.com/ca/los-angeles/catering

Culinary Delight Catering is a 5 Star ranking Catering companies and is known as one of the Best Catering Companies in Los Angeles.

How We Got Started

My passion for cooking and entertaining and pleasing guests at our home parties lead me into my own business. I was introduced to catering at an early age and catered my first professional catering job at age 7.

Our Team
Emma Tate from Culinary Delight Catering
Emma Tate
Sybil Sandoval from Culinary Delight Catering
Sybil Sandoval
Office manager
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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Culinary Delight Catering is now accepting orders for your Holiday Events, Corporate and Social events. Place your orders early to receive a 5 per cent discount on all orders over 1000.00 or 100 people per event.
Products & Services

Fresh Fruit Platters

Fresh fruit in season 16 inch platter with high dome top.

Budget Menu

Our Asian Budget Menu: Asian Noodles, Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls, Hawaiian Meatballs, Chinese Napa Cabbage Salad, Chicken Satay. Contact us to place your order for this Healthy deal. DELIVERY ONLY, NO SAME DAY ORDERS

Memorial Reception, Funerals

Culinary Delight Catering has now added Memorial Receptions, Funerals and Repast catering! Please contact us if you have a need of our services, we have a fully trained staff, friendly, caring and professional.

Memorial Reception, Funerals

Let Culinary Delight Catering do all of your leg work during this sad time in your life, contact Culinary Delight Catering and we will provide all information and or services for you. We have many years in this area of catering.
Businesses We Recommend
I read their profile and their vision and passion for helping other businesses get started is awesome, what they provide is a service most new businesses truly need. I would recommend them.
Yes I highly recommend Mia Bella Secr, I have had the pleasure of working with Maria for years and their is not better hair stylist. When she comes to LA we get together, she is excellent with doing hair for wedding parties, very good at time management as well.
I will recommend this business to people that need a healthy well balanced meal. From reading Foodflo's profile I too would use them.
I read a response to a question I asked and the feed back that was provided by them was really helpful. I spoke to one of the representatives at the company I used and they to agreed with Mark.
I recommend Ococoa as an excellent favor for any special event.
What can I say about working with Dave other than Dave is simply the best!
I highly recommend this company and have worked with them in the past. Visit their website for more information.
I highly recommend Jackie's Bakery, I have used them for years and they never disappoint. Their prices are affordable and they have an excellent product and are so easy to work with.
Lava Mae,
Lava Mae
I prayed for someone to do something about the homeless and Lava Mae started in San Francisco and is not in Southern California and she goes to Skid Row and SFV with her shower van and the Homeless can take a shower, wash their hair, brush their teeth and put on clean clothes and get back into society. What a wonderful idea and it is making such a difference in the lives of Homeless people. I support them monthly.
Agape is love, visit them and feel the love!
I did some research on Robert Sawyer and found his work very interesting. We cater to other Architectural firms for their Lunch and Learns, so I have been to numerous open houses and his work is up there with the best.
A very professional, passionate person about her business and life.
Yes I recommend Celebrate Life, as a cancer survivor I realize how important it is to network with fellow survivor, Celebrate Life has a passion and true understanding of helping others. The owner there is a survivor and she wants to comfort and has a lot of advise to share as well as her heartfelt love .
I know that Joel is a true professional and has the staff to handle both large and small events. Joel covers the SFV and we no longer go there, he also does productions.
I would recommend this company after reading their profile and I also saw a comment they left for a company that had a question, I was impressed with the honestly of their answer. Honestly in any business goes a long way.
The work that this organization is doing is much needed and I am for speaking out against bullying as well. Our children are our future!
I would recommend T,s Tasty Treats, the owner is a Cordon Blu trained Chef, not only is she a Pastry Chef she is also trained in Savory fare as well. This creative chef creates her own Appetizers and Desserts. I have purchased both sweet and savory items from her for my own personal use.
I read their profile and the owner seems to know the catering business well. We have been in business for 37 years and I liked the gentleman's honest, truthful answers. I would recommend them (15 years tells the story in the catering industry)there are so many catering companies to choose from.
Wowzers, Media Monks and Ann French are both amazing. Working with them was such an awesome experience. Their work is truly above the rest in their industry.
I had the extreme pleasure of working with Skye of Expanded Apps, I would highly recommend them. I had extended conversations with Skye during the time we worked for her and she is definitely knowledgeable in all areas of website building and mobile apps.
I recommend Welcome Wagon, I truly love the work that they do!
In the world today we seem to have lost Etiquette and I was over joyed to see that someone recognized it and is bringing Etiquette back. I would recommend this company for caring and teaching the correct way to connect and treat people.
I read about them and ran across one of the comments that one of their team members left for a new business. To me it was Spot On and honest. My thing is honestly and we have been in business for 37 years and it works every time. I would recommend them based on their sincere honestly.
I would use this companies services, Dorothy seems like such an honest person. Dorothy also seems like a kind person and willing to share information with others. I would recommend them.
I love what her business is doing and I can appreciate them for it. I too believe in kindness and love. I hope they stay in business forever.
Yes I highly recommend Special Event Staffing and we use them all the time. I have had some of the best servers, captains as well as chef's from them on a short notice. Their pricing is more affordable than most staffing agencies.
Mission for Jes,
Mission for Jes
Missions for Jesus Christ is located in the In Land Empire, a gem of a Mission yet unsung. This year alone they feed thousands of Homeless and low income families. This week for Christmas they collected over 10,000 toys and gave them to children and they are still giving. They run a couple of Food Banks there and they give out free food to the lower income and Homeless families. I support them because they truly care and they have been giving out shoes, clothes, food, shelter and jobs to those in need for over 30 years. Oliver Lambert is the owner Missions FOR JESUS CHRIST is located at 464 S Sierra Way, San Bernardino, CA 92408 you may contact Mr. Lambert at 909-997-0119 for more information and if you would like to add this Mission to your out reach programs.
If you love your pet as we do, this is the place you want to get to know and love. When it comes to our pet (child) we only want the best and we found it here.
I highly recommend Petal Forest, Shawn and her team are very professional and creative. Shawn provides stellar customer service. Petal Forest use only the freshest of flowers available. Tell them what your floral needs are and let them work their magic, you will never be disappointed. For weddings, funerals, corporate, social, Christmas tree decorations and more, they are the right choice.
I have worked on events where these guys were in charge of the photo's. Very friendly, professional and easy to work with. I would say why not! 5 Stars!!!!!!
This is an organization that is on the move helping our homeless youth, I believe in their work and applaud them for there efforts, I ask that you please join them in their journey to eradicate homelessness. I highly recommend Pathways to Your Future!
This group will WOW you with their music, entertainment and friendliness I say YEEEEEssss!
Past Events & Promotions
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Summer is near and all of the choices of healthy fruits and veggies are available now. Let Culinary Delight Catering prepare your Party Platters, we are offering deals on all of our Party Platters. Visit our website and or Yelp for more pictures. Contact us for more information and to place your...
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Summer is near and all of the choices of healthy fruits and veggies are available now. Let Culinary Delight Catering prepare your Party Platters, we are offering deals on all of our Party Platters. Visit our website and or Yelp for more pictures. Contact us for more information and to place your...
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Culinary Delight Catering is accepting orders for our Spring and Summer Time Budget Menus, these menus may be used for Memorial Receptions, Repasts, Graduation, Prom Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, good for any occasions. Contact Emma to place your order, we regret we DO NOT take same day...
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