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About Us

As a doctor of clinical psychology and a certified hypnotherapist, I know for a fact that we are all born to win. We learn how to fail, and whatever we've learned, we can un-learn. I use clinical hypnosis for smoking cessation, confidence, weight management, trauma recovery, test anxiety, sexual dysfunctions, public speaking, sports enhancement, and more.

How We Got Started

A former professional stand-up comic, I had an epiphany when I began volunteering for a shelter for sexually abused teens. This waked up the healer in me, and I went on to earn my doctorate in clinical psychology and certification in therapeutic hypnosis. I still volunteer for that shelter.

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone who has a mindset they'd like to change: to excel, improve, attain, achieve: sports enhancement, stop smoking, manage weight, interview/audition with excitement, overcome test anxiety or public speaking fear, enhance creativity, reinvent, and more.

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Nancy Irwin from Dr. Nancy Irwin
Nancy Irwin
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Nonfiction co-authored with clinical director of Seasons Recovery Centers of Malibu. 9 anonymous stories of substance/alcohol abuse recovery.
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