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Fun Zone Reading Club for Homeless Kids

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(:Amen. Need ASAP joyful volunteers who are willing to make a mid to long term goals to help kids learn the joy of reading and will to make a donation to keep the programs up and running?

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Coach Ron from Fun Zone Reading Club for Homeless Kids
Coach Ron
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Reading Out Loud To Kids

(:Amen. Recruit joyful volunteers to read out loud to homeless/ low income kids that live in world famous Los Angeles County the homeless capital of the U S A 😀(:
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(:Amen. Nice Women to know ?
(:Amen. He's a good person (:
(:Amen. She have a nice smile "
(:Amen. Cause she needs all the help she can get ?
(:Amen. cause she is a positive women (:
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(:Amen. Joyful volunteers meet Up to bring candy prizes toys books bikes skateboards to give a way to homeless kids arter you the joyful volunteer reads out loud a short story 10(min) then have a (2min) Q & A on why Reading is Fundamental to learning (: Each joyful volunteer donate $ 10 for...
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Coach Ron answered What Are the Most Effective Channels I Can Use as a...
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(:Amen. Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!! Aneeca , how are you? do some 21+ mixes and go provide slice oranges & Gatorade to youth football leagues (: 4 more info call 6262773457 ask 4 Coach Ron the one and... (more)

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