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We help Wholesale Business Owners Solve Cash Flow Problems with Invoice Factoring. Why wait 30-60 days for Your Money when you can Get Paid the Same Day!!!

We help Trucking Company Owners Get Paid the Same Day with Freight Invoice Factoring.

We Finance Big Commercial Truck Purchases for Owner Drivers with less than perfect Credit.

We Finance Commercial Truck and Business Insurance Premiums.

How We Got Started

Wholesale Business Owners Need Cash Flow Solutions after they sell products to Retail Stores because Retail Stores pay 30 to 60 days after they purchase. Many Wholesale Business Owners cannot wait that long because they still must make payroll, buy more inventory, pay bills, etc before they get paid. We do Invoice Factoring - We Buy or Advance Money on Invoices that Wholesale Businesses submit to Their customers, which are Retail Stores.

Our Ideal Customer

Wholesale Businesses in Garment Industry, Fashion, Shoes, Accessories, Electronics, Auto Parts, Auto Accessories, Cell Phone Accessories, Home Goods, Travel Gear, Luggages, bags, Sporting Goods, Wholesale Businesses that sell to Big Retail Stores, Wholesale Sellers to Amazon.com, Trucking Companies (Freight Delivery Invoice Factoring)

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Don Jo from General Business Credit - Invoice Factoring
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