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My customers believe very much like I do. We work to create a 5 Star Culture in our business. We realize the best foundation is to have a great reputation partly by being proactive in delivering our reviews to their 'front door.'

We also know the fastest way to create a great client base is by online advertising while having the ability to be able to remarket to those prospective customers for the next 1-3 months with great ads that follow them around until they are ready to buy.

About Us

We make your phone ring!

You know how many local small businesses owners are always struggling to get the phone to ring and attract new customers?

But then they fail at engaging less than a handful of those people into customers that continue to buy over and over?

I solve this problem.

By using small business owner proven proprietary reputation based systems, internet-based techniques I've developed exclusively for my clients, I can generate more pre-screened and pre-sold targeted leads for your business while exploding your customer base. And go on to help you turn those people into ongoing buyers... all without increasing your marketing budget by one cent!

We place you where your competition isn't!

How We Got Started

I became so sick and tired of seeing small business owners struggle getting traffic, clients, customers or patients when they don't have too!

Unusual Beta Video Reputation Marketing Program

We are looking for several niche businesses to join our Beta Video Reputation Marketing Program. We will absorb all of the production costs(between $2-$3k) for production of a video that can be used to highlight your business on Facebook, Youtube and your own website. Interested? Just email us at...
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Hi Ron, to truthfully answer your question it depends on a lot of things. For many businesses, I have found day in and day out that utilizing the media is a great strategy to gain exposure and... (more)

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