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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Bruce has lived in Southern California his entire life. A man of many talents, Bruce honed his business chops as a successful entrepreneur. A mild coronary episode in 2011 served as a wake-up call that it was time to change his lifestyle. The fitness world beckoned, offering health and happiness. Bruce researched strength training techniques and the myriad of positive effects it could have. He began studying with Adam Zickerman, one of the pioneers of the SuperSlow system. Today, Bruce helps serious athletes, business leaders and everyday fitness enthusiasts (un-enthusiasts, too) take control of their health and improve the quality of their lives.


Time spent working out - you just can’t get a better return on investment than our SuperSlowLA strength training program. Thirty minutes a week, and in a few months you will have transformed your body into something healthier, stronger, leaner and more flexible.

I wanted to offer a free consultation with me. My cell is 310-944-8084

email at info@superslowla.com

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone that hates to exercise or says they don't have the time.

Everyone has 30 minutes once a week to get strong and fit

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Bruce Fisher from Superslowla
Bruce Fisher
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SuperSlowLa is offering a one hour complimentary consultation. To book your consultation either email me at info@superslowla.com or reach me on my cell at 310-944-8084 Looking forward to meeting each of you. Bruce Fisher
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Superslow the fastest way to fitness

The results are mind blowing! Many of our clients, after a month, talk about how strong they feel. What I like about SuperSlowLa it's for the individuals, who love to exercise as well as those who don't. Only once a week for thirty minutes can totally transform how your feel. Why don't YOU try...
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