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Helpful Care Company, Inc. is a family owned and operated non-medical companion care for seniors within their own homes. Through the years, each of us has gone through the trials and tribulations of getting help for a loved one. We have been where our clients and their families now are. Our goal is to make the process painless and the companion a welcome member of the home.

Businesses We Recommend
Ernie's approach to financial planning is a breath of fresh air. He is knowledgable, communicative, low-key and instills a sense of trust. -No pressure, just suggestions.
Barbara is the "Energizer Bunny". Her boundless energy and passion for her work is dazzling. Her wonderful events, while large endeavors, do not supersede her interest in each participant individually.
You will not find a more dedicated, passionate and knowledgable consultant than Pam. I speak both professionally and personally, as she is assisting me with both a client and my own family.
John has a true passion for his work. His "bottom line" is first the client's need. He will do for clients what others will not and do so with a smile.
Nowhere will you find a more passionate and compassionate person. Donna is respectful, resourceful and professional. Indeed, it is the lucky client who has found his or her way to Donna's services.

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Cynthia Shaw from Helpful Care
Cynthia Shaw