Ground Level Temporary Offices
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Ground Level Office Units come in 20’ and 40’ lengths and are the most secure solution for your site. Our 40’ Ground Level Office Units are available in an all office or office/storage combo configuration. 40’ all offices have two steel entrance doors. Our 40’ Ground Level Office Combo Units are extremely versatile. Great for general contractors who need to store their tools and materials while also needing office space. Winter time it offers a place to warm up and in the summer a place to cool down. 40’ combo units have an interior storage area that is 22’ in order to accommodate long pipe and lumber. Storage entrance from the office area is through a locking man door, so office supplies are safe from those without permission. Storage area also has lighting so it is easier to get to your materials and stay organized. Each office is built by trained workers at PMF Rentals. Desk, file cabinet, plan table, air conditioning and heat are standard on all of our Ground Level Office Units.

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