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Enagic Water Ionizers produce a variety of types of ionized water including their trademark “Kangen Water®”. It is virtually impossible to explain in a short message all the wonderful things this water is known for, but here’s a few key items:

• Enagic has been making water ionizers since 1974, but we didn’t know much about them in the USA until recently because not many Americans speak or read Japanese.

• Enagic products are REGISTERED MEDICAL DEVICES in Japan where they are manufactured.

• Enagic products are the ONLY brand of water ionizers found in hundreds of hospitals throughout Japan.

• Enagic is the ONLY brand of water ionizer products that is GOLD SEAL certified by the Water Quality Association.

• The company started translating their literature into English about 10 years ago, so folks in our country are in the early stages of learning about the technology and understanding the health benefits.

• The machines make five types of water, one of which is for drinking.

• The Kangen drinking water has these benefits:

- Alkaline pH to help balance body pH intake – exercise and other activity produce acid

- Super hydrating – this water does not cause bloating like tap water, and athletes love it for this property, as do folks with chronic conditions and pain

- Super detoxifying – everyone feels better when their body is detoxified

- Loaded with Antioxidants – Kangen Water is 20 to 30 times stronger in antioxidants than green tea

• The machines also produce a Strong Acidic water that KILLS GERMS ON CONTACT.

• Another water produced by the machine is a Strong Alkaline water that emulsifies grease and oil on contact.

• Restaurants, gyms, hospitals, farms and other commercial businesses use these machines for cleaning, cooking, drinking and many other purposes.

• Gyms, health spas, health food stores can use these machines to provide alkaline drinking water to their clientele, and they also use the Strong Alkaline water for cleaning and the Strong Acidic water for sanitizing equipment.

Google Scholar only allows scientific publications, so there is peer review scrutiny. If you type “electrolyzed reduced water” (that is what Kangen Water is) into Google Scholar, you will see there are over 26 Thousand results. Scientists do not spend their time and research funds on topics they do not believe to be productive, so based on the sheer volume of research on this water you know there is something to it.

www.tinyurl.com/GoogleScholarKangenWater - 26,600 results!

www.kangendemo.com – product demonstration

www.tinyurl.com/WadeMcNuttBodybuilder - Wade’s Kangen Water testimonial

www.veryhealthywater.net – National Institute of Health study showing health benefits

www.waterionizerbiz.info – watch the “Secret Sauce” video

www.veryhealthywater.info – how to have a GREEN home with Kangen Water

www.veryhealthywater.biz – customer referral program

www.veryhealthywater.me – product and business overview

Bob Hilke Jr

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How We Got Started

Wanting to drink and share the most amazing water on the planet!

I have a degree in Nutritional Sciences, and a quest for drinking the most delicious and healthiest water possible. As soon as I tried Kangen Water, I was hooked! And I've been sharing it ever since..

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone who wants the healthiest and most delicious drinking water, and desires the best possible health and longevity.

Our Team
Bob Hilke from VeryHealthyWater.com
Bob Hilke
Products & Services

Enagic Kangen 8 (K8) Water Ionizer

The Mighty 8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer The Kangen® 8 is Enagic®'s most powerful antioxidant machine - featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates for improved water ionization and increased antioxidant production potential. You can enjoy this Kangen Water® machine in any country, thanks to its...


The Ultimate Home Use Model Introducing the BRAND NEW 5-Language SD501 Platinum! The all new Platinum features a revamped modern design that coordinates beautifully with today's stylish kitchens. It has the same powerful performance in an all-new package. Smart New Look, Same Reliable SD 501! ...

Enagic Leveluk SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer

The Ultimate Home Use Model Leveluk SD501 is the most popular home model, and the perfect machine for you and your family. This industry-leading machine conveniently connects to your kitchen faucet and generates enough of the 5 types of Enagic® water (see below) for you to share with your...

Enagic Leveluk SD501U Under Counter Kangen Water Ioinzer

The Under-the-Counter Model If you could use a little more free counter space, this is the perfect unit for your kitchen! With the quality and power of the SD501, but the convenience of nestling discreetly under your sink, this Enagic® machine is both practical and highly accommodating. You...

Enagic Leveluk SUPER 501 Kangen Water Ionizer

For Heavy Home Use This powerful Enagic® machine is a large family unit, and the top of the line model for heavy home use or for small businesses. Nursing homes, agricultural colleges, and spas can all benefit greatly by having the high-performance Super501! With 12 platinum-coated 99.97% pure...

Enagic ANESPA Home Spa for Shower and Bath

Your Home Spa System The exclusive ANESPA Home Spa System transforms your ordinary bathroom into a natural hot spring resort. ANESPA produces a continuous stream of healthy ionized mineral water. It removes chlorine and other harmful substances in your tap water, and adds safe, moisturizing...

Enagic Leveluk JRII Kangen Water Ionizer

The Junior Model The JRII has three solid electrode plates, which reduces the energy consumption. Due to the lower power consumption and fewer plates, this machine is considered one of Enagic's "starter" models. If you're looking for an Enagic® machine that generates all 5 types of water, this...

Enagic Leveluk-R Kangen Water Ionizer

The Starter Model The Leveluk-R is one of Enagic®'s "starter" models because it is affordable for families on almost any budget. You can start enjoying the benefits of drinking alkaline Kangen Water® with the Leveluk-R today, and move onto the flagship SD501 at a later time. This machine...

Kangen UKONΣ Turmeric Supplement

UKONΣ DD Autoship Program Detox, energize and strengthen your body with the Kangen UKONΣ turmeric supplements! Ukon™ (wild turmeric) has been recognized for centuries as a natural healer. It has been known since the era of the Ryukyu Dynasty as a strong antioxidant, and India's ancient...

Enagic Business Opportunity

Enagic's dynamically designed compensation plan, which offers you 9 different ways of earning income, is truly exciting for distributors. No sign-up fee No monthly qualifications* No stocking of inventory No annual renewal No time limits Accumulative sales International sponsoring Pays...
Past Events & Promotions
Every Tuesday at 9:00 pm Eastern, join us for a Live Stream demo of our Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers at www.livephdemo.com, and see how drinking high quality ionized alkaline Kangen Water can help change your life! Also check out our product line at www.veryhealthywater.net.
Every Tuesday at 9:00 pm Eastern, join us for a Live Stream demo of our Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers at www.livephdemo.com, and see how drinking high quality ionized alkaline Kangen Water can help change your life!
Every Tuesday at 9:00 pm Eastern, join us for a Live Stream demo of our Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers at www.livephdemo.com. Read about our product at www.veryhealthywater.net
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