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Are you ready to get away from the fly by the night marketing company that worries more about their bottom line then you? Are you ready to start driving traffic to your site and knowing what to do with that traffic? Are you ready and willing to give the time needed to make sure the marketing plans that are built for you will work with your business, your clients, and your company? Then it sounds like your ready to have a call and see what we can do for you.

About Us

Digital Media and Internet Marketing consulting with the ability to offer your company everything you need to make sure your digital and offline marketing is everything you need and want. We make your story come to life. If you're tired of your current company pushing what feels like just a bill your way, give us a call or email and we will go through your current set-up and see what we can do to help your business grow and tell that story, and show why you started your business.

How We Got Started

The company was a dream of the owner for years, after 2 years of working with the founder, Jamie bought the company to bring the service and products to the next level. He got tired of hearing how small businesses were being taken advantage of by fly by the night marketing companies and he vowed to do something about it. So with a hand picked team, they started changing how to build sites, SEO and online marketing, one client at a time.

Local SEO

Have you ever had an issue understanding what SEO is and how it can help with your business? We will walk you through how local SEO can grow your business and your traffic. We dont just push the packages on to you, we make sure the packages work for YOUR budget and YOUR business. We want to get...

National SEO

Have you ever had an issue understanding what SEO is and how it can help with your business? We will walk you through how national SEO can grow your business and your traffic. We dont just push the packages on to you, we make sure the packages work for YOUR budget and YOUR business. We want to...
Businesses We Recommend
Karen Miller is a wonderful amazing lady to work with getting you set up with LegalShield She went above and beyond for our company and I would recommend anyone looking for legal help to contact her.
Herrmann Consulting is a great company that really knows what they are doing. I would recommend them to anyone that has needs for Business Coaching.
Shirt's Unlimited and Crew are amazing to work with. I got all my business shirts from them until I moved out of state. I would recommend Shirts Unlimited to ANYONE needing to have any kind of shirts done for them or their company.
Transcendent is an amazing company to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a home inspection, to give Transcendent a call.
I have hired Chelsea @Element Media for Graphic Work, and she does quite well for the job. Fast answers, and willing to go above and beyond.
Kirk is an amazing Designer and SEO Marketing guy. If you want to have your website found and your site to look amazing. Contact him today.
Samantha helped me get my set of hearing aids, took the battle to the VA for me and did everything she could to get them for me. Amazing lady, and amazing company.
Taurus DJ is amazing DJ and I would highly recommend him for any DJ needs.
I have worked with Laura from Promote Commotion, and she is amazing. As someone that owns a Internet Marketing firm, Laura blow my mind with her knowledge of what to do on a local level with Social Media and other events. I am amazed by what she does and I HIGHLY recommenced you check out her services and give her a try you will not be disappointed.
I have started working with Laurel and the wealth of what she knows and that she offers is AMAZING. I would recommend Laurel to ANYONE that owns a business.
Free Akins, is an amazing person to work with. I have known her through other networking groups and she is always willing to help out and give advice where she can.
Michael is amazing DJ and I would highly recommend him for any DJ needs.
Wonderful person to work with. If you want someone in your corner getting done what you need to be done, Call Rocky's Mom and let them do the work RIGHT.
Top Forum Activity
Jamie Hill answered What's the Best Way for a Small Bakery Business to Grow...
3 months ago • 3 Likes
Hi Cindy, I would love to add to the amazing answers you have already gotten. You very well could see double answers however here I go. 1) What makes you different. Most of our clients have many... (more)
Jamie Hill answered Has Anyone Had Luck Selling a High Ticket Item ($20K) by...
8 days ago • 2 Likes • 3 Replies
Yes and No. I have sold High Ticket items, some being a website, in one payment and others being a Lifetime Value of the clients, So it depends on what your selling, why someone will buy from you,... (more)
Jamie Hill answered What's the Best Way to Get My Specialty Baskets Into...
about 1 month ago • 2 Likes • 2 Replies
I have to agree with Saul, 1) What are your baskets and why should these places carry them? 2) Are they going to re-sell them, or are they gifts to give to their clients? 3) Whats the cost that... (more)
Jamie Hill answered When You Want to Get to Know a Fellow Business Person, Do...
4 days ago • 1 Like
I take them to lunch or dinner. I am not a coffee drinker, however if they want to meet for coffee, I bring my own drinks. ;-) Clients love it when you meet them in a area that is not a office or... (more)
Jamie Hill answered When Businesses Attempt to Sell You Their Services What...
27 days ago • 1 Like
My sales reps don't sell. I don't sell. I teach and train leads, and they may take that training, or outline that I create called the Business Highway Blueprint and say... Wow he is not my digital... (more)
Jamie Hill answered How Do I Get a Talented Marketer With Little to No Money?
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
So you have a few different options my friend. One you do all the classes, workshops, etc to learn SEO, Facebook Ad's, PPC Ads, etc. and wish for the best. Another option is that you step back, and... (more)
Jamie Hill answered What Is the Best Marketing Platform for Destination...
3 months ago • 1 Like
Hi Dana, There is not a easy way to answer this question. The following reasons for that statement. 1) Marketing is not a fit one, fit all style thing and any company that just pushes you to... (more)
Jamie Hill answered Marketers, What Do You Think About Facebook Bots.
3 months ago • 1 Like
You need to be as personable as possible. Social Media is just that SOCIAL- if your not social you will not drive buzz and that will kill your business. People want to see and talk to real people... (more)
Jamie Hill answered What Is the Main Reason Why People Do Not Engage a...
3 months ago • 1 Like
Hi Cheryl, Money. I know it is a catch 22, however I think people are caught in the fact they have no money to 1) pay for the service as it is not "needed" 2) They can save on their own and don't... (more)
Jamie Hill answered How Best to Market a Non Traditional Bookstore?
3 months ago • 1 Like • 2 Replies
I see you have done a lot of ads and marketing, how is that being done? Are you doing it yourself or have you hired a company to do it? Both have pro's and con's to it. Doing it yourself, has a... (more)
Jamie Hill answered Web Designers, What Is the Best Way to Promote Your...
3 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
Marketing, both online offline. I have worked with many different web designers, by helping them get traffic, and they refer that business to me for online marketing. Partner with a Marketing... (more)
Jamie Hill answered I Am Trying to Build My Online & By-Mail Client Base for...
4 days ago
Marketing, Facebook Ad's and good ole fashion picking up the phone and calling businesses. Get reviews from business owners you working with now, get them on your site, Get your site ranking high,... (more)
Jamie Hill answered Where Can I Find a Prospect Mailing List for Potential...
4 days ago
To be Honest, Mailing lists suck. They are sold and resold so many times, the people on the list are so pissed off that they want nothing to do with the person that is contacting them. DO you get... (more)
Jamie Hill reviewed Infusionsoft Ratings and Reviews
19 days ago
I use Infusionsoft, I have used it for 5 years, and it has allowed my company to grow from 600 emails to over 20k emails, and Infusionsoft is amazing at allowing us to grow with out killing us... (more)
Jamie Hill answered What Can I Do to Raise Sales and Promote My Online Retail...
25 days ago
Hi Stephie, Wow this is a tough question. My first thought is what is your budget? That really tells a story on what you can do to raise your sales. When I get emails like this, I really need to... (more)
Jamie Hill answered Marketers, What's the Best Way to Bring in New Customers?
3 months ago
I Love this question. There are a few different ways to effectively bring in new client's to your door (both online and brick and mortar). Where are your current clients coming from? Facebook,... (more)
Jamie Hill asked How Do You Choose Your Web Design Company and Marketing...
3 months ago • 6 Likes • 8 Replies
When there comes a time to build, re-build your site do your marketing, and seeing what options are out there for your small business. What do you do to find the "right" company? Do you just fire... (more)
Jamie Hill answered Photographers and Videographers, What's the Best Way to...
3 months ago
This is a great topic. I am glad you brought it up. As a marketing professional I would say it is a mix of SEO, Facebook, Instagram for your online aspect. Facebook loves amazing videos and we have... (more)
Jamie Hill asked How Do You Market Your Business?
3 months ago • 38 Likes • 22 Replies
I am talking with my leads and clients on the different aspects of marketing, and I know every client has their best marketing approch. How do you market your business and have it grow for you? (more)
Jamie Hill answered Marketers, What's the Best Free Project Management Tool?
about 2 months ago • 1 Reply
Teamwork. You can get a free account with them by applying through there support email line. We use them to make sure everything is up and running for our care plan clients. (more)

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