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About Us

Eddie Capparucci, LPC, CSAS

Services include:

* Certified Pornography/Sexual Addiction Specialist

* Certified Marriage Counseling Specialist

Helping men overcome sexual/pornography addictions, while assisting their spouses in dealing with their betrayal. Our focus is on changing men's heart and not simply their behaviors. Learn how to heal from the pain and reconnect in a new and healthy way.

How We Got Started

This is a God-led ministry and it is through His hands that we are helping hundreds of men and women who are trapped in the world of pornography/sexual addiction.

Our Ideal Customer

* Men struggling with pornography/sexual addiction

* Women who are dealing with their husbands' betrayal

* Couples who are seeking to heal and reconnect in a healthy way

Our Team
Eddie Capparucci from Abundant Life Counseling of Georgia
Eddie Capparucci
Teri Capparucci from Abundant Life Counseling of Georgia
Teri Capparucci
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Products & Services

Certified Pornography & Sexual Addiction Counseling

We treat men who are battling pornography and sexual addictions, as well as their spouse who is dealing with the pain of betrayal. See our website at: www.AbundantLifeCounselingGA.com