Our Ideal Customer

People that are serious about their health and well being. Everyone is welcome, we want to change people's lives through the power of an adjustment.

About Us

Dr. Matt and Dr. Ryan have you in mind. Our chiropractic scans and adjustments are specific for you to achieve optimal health and peace of mind. Harmony is what we are about, for your body, for your mind, and for your spirit. Not all things in life are a balance. But if everything is in harmony, life will flow from within. Our goal is for you to become the very best version of yourself. As you were created to be.

How We Got Started

Two good friends and fellow students at Life Chiropractic college with a deep desire to reach out and help others.

We felt that our goals and values were in line and decided to work together to bring harmony, joy, and freedom to the lives of others.

Businesses We Recommend
Excellent team. Very professional and deeply caring of their clients.
Excellent bubble tea and great service. Great and refreshing over the summer.
Our Team
Ryan Moore from Back in Harmony Chiropractic
Ryan Moore