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All small businesses. It's a free service, but it does have some paid options to gain additional promotion and publicity.

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The Entrepreneur Map is a free online advertising platform and social media marketing service that helps small business owners gain more internet publicity. You can be promoted locally or globally, join today!

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To help small business owners with little technical knowledge get more internet publicity.

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Get free advertising for your business. We promote entrepreneurs and small business owners locally and globally. Leverage our social media marketing. Join today!
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All my business dealings with Bill Sterrett have been professional and ethical. Attention to detail and a high level of customer service and therefor satisfaction can be expected. It's a pleasure to recommend i360 Group, Inc to prospective clients.
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Justin Grounds answered What Project Management Software Do You Recommend?
14 days ago • 1 Like
Can't help you - a company I contract at tried implementing 3 different project management systems - good luck with your team adopting it. Pick one with the least amount of added overhead for the... (more)
Justin Grounds answered What Is Stopping Businesses From Using Video?
about 1 month ago
My guess is budget, as few small businesses have the in-house resources and expertise to produce professional video. Until they see the growing value in making a decent video production budget... (more)
Justin Grounds answered Which Is More Important for You, Your Website, Your...
about 1 month ago
For me, social media marketing is more important for growing website traffic and users, but it all points back to my website service. So 50/50. (more)
Justin Grounds answered Whats Aspects of Digital Marketing Do Businesses Struggle...
about 1 month ago
Finding the right marketing channel and target demographic for the product or service, if it could appeal to a wide audience. (more)
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