Our Ideal Customer

People who come see us look for solutions to conditions that have not resolved. Our ideal patient is the person who wants to achieve optimal performance. We work with advanced neurological rehabilitation.

About Us

At NeuroWorks Healthcare, we specialize in Functional Neurology and it is our passion to help people obtain healthier neurological function. We utilize applied neuroscience for optimal performance. We specialize in concussion and brain rehabilitation. Through brain rehabilitation our goal to optimize performance at any level. Each person is unique and as such need specialized care. Wether you are an athlete, an athlete at heart or someone who is striving for the next level of care; we have the solution.

Businesses We Recommend
Worked with them call Scott Wiley he uses all green-based ingredients so safe for plants and animals alike @ 404-227-7330
Mending Broken Hearts,
Mending Broken Hearts
Been working with her and her patients for a while now. She goes the extra mile to help people @ 678-596-6884
Alex 's attention to detail is unsurpassed
Rutzke Corinne R, Atlanta GA
Rutzke Corinne R
Atlanta GA • 4.7 mi away • Lawyer
Worked with her in the past
Our Team
Ben Behrendt  from NeuroWorks Healthcare LLC
Ben Behrendt
D.C. and Functional Neurologist