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There are no limits to those who are in need of an electrical service. We service all size jobs, minor or major, and provide free estimates!

About Us

Business Overview - PicoVolt LLC is an electrical company targeting success in major electrical repairs, commercial service repairs, high-rise electrical systems, new construction of restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. We are targeting green-energy services, lighting sales, custom condo renovations, system upgrades, commercial preventative needs, generator services (rental, install, maintenance, portable sales), and building automation services. We offer quality service founded on clear communication, reliability, and a core group of business minded individuals.

PicoVolt’s owners have many years of experience in the electrical field, ranging from high rise and commercial buildings to healthcare facilities, airports, schools, commercial kitchens, restaurants, retail stores, salons, and military facilities. Our employees work efficiently as a team with a professional approach which seeks to provide quality, cost-effective solutions to any and all customer needs.

Here at PicoVolt, we pride ourselves on a strong group of employees who adhere to a code of ethics to remain honest and reliable in business as well as in personal lives. We strive to provide more than just the standard service. It is our goal to build long- term relationships with customers. We strive to be the benchmark in the electrical field from which all others are measured.

Success Factors - PicoVolt is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

• Products and Services: Our Products and Services are superior to our competitors because we are knowledgeable, dedicated to our work, punctual, reliable, skilled, educated, and family-oriented.

• Operational Systems: We have developed systems that enable us to provide high quality services at a lower cost. These systems include cross-trained operations of the business, but having diversified skill sets where each individual may be better in one skill than the other, and vice versa.

• Speed: PicoVolt will provide job completion in the quickest possible manner. We will do this by, responding promptly to the needs of our consumer and providing an open line of communication.

• Reliability: It is one of our goals to ensure trust amongst our customers. We will ensure this trust by upholding our job commitments, not just by words but, by actions.

• Value: We at PicoVolt value our customer’s needs. We will give a fair return in services no matter the size, or cost of the job.

• Customer Service: Communication is key. Knowing exactly and understanding the needs of the customers will enable us to provide the best customer service possible. Our customer service comes from our moral backgrounds, not a price tag.

How We Got Started

PicoVolt opened its doors with all intentions to build a company that was made to be successful for two primary reasons.

1. Building a company that others would love to work for based on a clear brand of enjoyment.

2. Building a company that could one day give back to its community by donating its time and services.

Panel Upgrades

The service provided will include the removal of the existing panel, and the installation of a new updated panel, and the installation of ACFI's (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters) in order to bring the new panel up to the newest code requirements provided by the NEC (National Electrical Code). ...
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