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Businesses that are struggling in creating a great experience for each customer causing a decrease in sales due to leadership and customer service struggles.

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Kayl May is The Customer Service and Leadership Consultant "Rise Up and Reach Higher". She grows and place leaders in businesses by training employees, teens, and young adults on customer service techniques that enhances the customer's experience which Kayl says is the best way for the business to increase the company's bottom line. Kayl does this through virtual and classroom trainings, site visits, and secret shoppers. Kayl's passion is to work with those coming out of prison to help them gain leadership and customer service skills that will help them be more productive in their personal and business lives.

How We Got Started

Using my knowledge, expertise, and success from my corporate career, I built my business to help small business create a better customer experience to increase its bottom line.

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I want to personally invite you to join me in supporting NAMIWalks- the largest and most successful mental health fundraising and awareness event in the United States! Through NAMIWalks' public, active display of support for people affected by mental illness, we are changing how Americans view...
"Marriage is NOT a Fantasy" How fantasy of marriage settles into the reality of marriage. A seminar designed for single, engaged, divorced, and those married to help help and prepare for marriage.

"The Unveiling Of A Mask" by Kayl Renee'May

A book written on our life's Journey setting the stage to remind all who are married, desire to be married, and those still single that marriage is not a fantasy. With hardwork by both individuals, your can both remain "in love" with one another and be Triumph in your relationship. This book also...
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My youngest would not have graduated from high school if it wasn't for Covenant Academy. Not only did he graduate, he also received a schalorship to college. He was challenge academically and in athletics. We are forever greatly to this school. I would and have recommended this school.
They have an awesome selection of shoes, handbags, and scarfs!
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What are your thought to cold calling your company to discuss strategic ways to increase your companies bottom line if it is struggling? Time constraint is always a concern.This question is for... (more)
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