Parent Baby Group
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Small groups of parents come together at FNC each week to learn about their babies’ needs, how to build those important early attachments with their babies and how to work through crises and struggles that can come from parenting. FNC Care Coordinators make regular visits to the homes of enrolled families. They talk with the parents about the child’s development and offer suggestions for ways to support development and solve parenting challenges. During the visit, the parent can learn of resources in the community and how to access them. The parents and the Care Coordinator work in partnership to help children be healthy and safe.
We Also Offer

Therapeutic Classrooms

Family Nurturing Center
Children ages 0-5, who are facing extreme challenges in trying to grow up safe and be successful, are enrolled in a therapeutic classroom. Each...

Parent Education

Family Nurturing Center
FNC works with children and their families via home visitation, parent education classes, support groups and parent mentor program

Mental Health Services

Family Nurturing Center
FNC provides Parent Child Interactive Therapy and Child Parent Psychotherapy for families who are enrolled and screened for services.

Connection to Community Resources

Family Nurturing Center
Outreach staff work with families to help stabilize their living conditions so that parents can be more present and emotionally available for their...

Farm and Food Program

Family Nurturing Center
The Farm and Food Program welcomes families who have faced multiple challenges to participate in activities that support well-being. We facilitate...
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The Family Nurturing Center (FNC) is a family support agency working with families with children ages birth through age five who are facing challenges in keeping their children safe. FNC families o...(more)