Our Ideal Customer

Depending on the time of year, my ideal customer profile will change.

My ideal customer is a company that offers Group Health Insurance where the spouse and children of the employee pay full price for the family premium. I have a new option that offers strong compliant coverage at a fraction of the rate they currently pay for the current group coverage. It could be thousands per year!

About Us

I have focused on helping Small Businesses with their Insurances solutions. I cover Health, Life, Supplements, and Commercial Insurance. My quotes are as low as it gets! Because I am a full line broker for all insurance products, you will find out if you are over or under insured? I will only work with the very small to small size companies.

How We Got Started

After 22 years in corporate management, I decided to escape the Corporate restrictions. Those days are gone... I can now treat my customer ethically, honestly and credibly.

Health Insurance

We advise on the following: Individual/Family, Cancer Policies, Accident Policies, Hospital Indemnity Plans

Life Insurance

We Offer Premium Quote Engines and Calculators that help you determine how much to insure for.

Commercial/Business Insurance

I offer quality Affordable coverage from highly ranked Carriers for the Small Business Community. My premiums, in most cases, will be the lowest cost. Because I have a total portfolio of Carriers (i.e. Health, supplemental, and Life Insurances) you have one point of contact to secure...
Businesses We Recommend
Franco is very good at helping entrepreneurial small business owners. He works very hard to find the right location and opportunity!
I've known Tina to be dedicated to helping her customers achieve substantial cost savings. It may be time well spent to talk with her.
Dan is a professional that treats people respect and all items discussed are kept confidential. He stays on top of his changes and is regularly taking additional professional certifications.
I know Karen through other professionals and referral partners. Everyone speaks highly of her skills, knowledge, and positive results she brings to her customers.
I have worked with Scott for many years. He has been rock solid in all of our interactions and communications. Over the years years, everyoneone I referred to him are happy and have been served well!
Kathy and Joe are well known and respected by their peers. You cannot go wrong with either of these Pros!
I Met Kim 14 years ago at Melbournes Realtor Association. She is a true professional and always friendly, and eager to help others. Everyone I have sent her way for personal lines insurance was extremely happy with Kim agency.
Dependable, Timely, and Quality Driven.
I've known Raul for many years. He is the type of person you trust, like, and respect. When he commits to a project, it gets done right.
Hi Vic... I recommended you a couple of weeks ago. Would you like to meet for coffee to learn more about how things are changing in the health care plans? There are plans that can provide super protection, at a lower price, and compliant with the ACA. It won't be a sales pitch, but it will provide you important insights on what is to come.
Meg is a Professional... She is Dedicated to her customer and strongly supports her Association SCAR (Space Coast Association of Realtors). I have enjoyed working with her many times on professional networking events at SCAR.
Peggy is a seasoned pro that works very hard for her customer.
Shaira has a uniquely wonderful venue to have an event. She is easy to work with. Look into having a great event with Shaira at Midevil Times
Bill is a real patriot. He loves and values America. He has a clear vision what we as a country need to do to be strong, safe and free.
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