Our Ideal Customer

Anyone enduring some kind of life transition. This can be health challenges with self or family, and career or relationship changes. My gift, through massage and coaching, is to provide a new and higher perspective of why challenges occur in our lives. I also adore anyone who is naturally intuitive and seeks to develop these skills. Teaching Reiki and intuitive development is my passion.

About Us

What are the benefits of an “Intuitive Massage Treatment”?

This one-of-a-kind massage treatment combines Reiki (the Japanese art of healing) with all of my knowledge, insights, and intuitive abilities. The body holds memories and emotions from life experiences. Some of these energies do not serve us. My goal is to help you release all of your negative energy-which is likely the source of much of your physical pain and fatigue. 99% of my clients feel“10 lbs. lighter” after his or her treatment with me. Ellen and I have worked for years with mutual clients, helping to heal the mind, body and spirit rapidly and affectively.

What can you expect during these sessions?

Just as you would with a normal massage, you will be undressed, (you may leave your underwear on if you’d like.) You will be completely covered except for the areas that I am working on. I will be sharing what I “pick up” intuitively, while I work on massaging you and balancing your energy. One of my clients once said to me, “Lisa, I come to you for your intuitive insights-your massage and Reiki are just a bonus!”

How We Got Started

I'm a natural born intuitive, great with my hands, and an entrepreneur. I started my own business at just 19 years of age and have been doing this for over 23 years. Over the years, my massage has morphed into my own version of medical intuitive work, Reiki healing, and intuitive validation and empowerment for my clients.

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Our Team
Lisa Mohr from Lisa Mohr, LLC
Lisa Mohr
Licensed Massage Therapist