Our Ideal Customer

I don't have a preference on the ideal customer as every property and property owner are different. Some customers know exactly what they want and other let it up to me to figure something out to make the property look it's best.

When I started in late 2012 I focused on commercial work. The more time I spend in this line of work, I'm leaning towards more residential accounts.

About Us

We understand how to meet your specific contracting needs, how to stay within budget and meet deadlines. Our experience and expertise bring value to our services, value to you, and value to your property. Be assured we have the knowledge and resources to efficiently manage your account at competitive rates and consistent service.

How We Got Started

From a very young age I always enjoyed the outdoors, planting flowers, shrubs and trees for myself and friends. When I grew older landscaping was always something I wanted to do, but never took the leap till 2012. Now a few years into this, I'll never stop landscaping. It's what I love to do.

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Melinda Huber
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