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This is a very special is the biography of my father whom I lost when I was 12-years-old. He lives in my heart! It is written in Spanish. I will present again on September 30th.

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BluKey Homes, LLC
Are you interested in an easier way to participate in the real estate market? ​ There's great opportunity now! ​ If you're looking for an alternative way to participate in the real estate market, then consider learning about becoming a private lender. We are a Residential Redevelopment...

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Jonathan Leighton from The Creative Group
Jonathan Leighton from The Creative Group answered:
Hi, There are a number of ways to show appreciation for your customers. - offering them discounts on future purchases - providing them a free gift - a simple hand written note would go a long way - thank you emails - referral bonuses if your current customer refers other new customers to your business - Inviting them out to lunch (if t... (more)

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Realtor Avanti Way, Miami FL
Sylvia Lacayo from Realtor Avanti Way wrote:
I work Residential real estate. If you are a professional or a student in the need for rental I will get you the best place to rent. If you are a couple looking for your first apartment, town house or home I can suggest the best places for your budget. If you have a family and need the best place for your kids to go to school, we can help you. (more)

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Laurence Moser from
Miami FL • Marketing, Advertising and Communication
Gateways Unlimited is a full service Brand Promotion agency. We develop creative marketing campaigns and innovative solutions to meet your marketing and advertising needs.Call us at
Joined on Sep 18, 2017

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