About Us

I represent a powerful credit repair company called SW Group, LLC. Unlike all of the major powerhouse credit repair companies we specialize in providing custom service in the quickest time frame possible with maximum results. SW Group is a private referral based only company comprised of industry leading professionals, Fico Pro certified staff, and powerful attorneys.

The following are some reasons why many partners choose us for their credit repair needs:

- Your own login interface to monitor every client and their new scores/items being disputed

- Your clients have their own login interface as well

- Personalized approach for each credit report

- Powerful attorneys that will file suit at no cost to client if needed

- The ability to dispute directly to the creditor as well as the credit bureaus

- Fastest Credit Repair Service disputing all negative items (usually around 30 days)

- Highest removal rates

- Proprietary technology

The most powerful credit repair company providing industry-leading credit repair services. Millions of Americans suffer from bad credit and it's the mission of SW Group to help people remove questionable negative items from their credit files to help repair and restore their credit. We are committed to helping people rebuild and re-establish their credit, and we are dedicated to providing the same standards of excellence to you.

We encourage you to obtain more detailed information about our innovative services, to discover why we're a leading firm in our business, to obtain answers to frequently asked questions, and to ultimately get started with our powerful credit repair services.

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Scott Schaaf from SW Group, LLC - Credir Repair Organization
Scott Schaaf