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About Us

James Conant is a national distributor for World Global Network. The company that produces HELO. See video: www.duplik8.com

James Conant is the founder of USA Marketing Associates in Middleboro, MA and Marketing Director of PeakWerks a Search Experience Optimization business unit of USA Marketing Associates.

Jim has 30 year of engineering, marketing and public relations experience.

For 23 years he has been the president of USA Marketing Associates. Prior to that time he was Corporate Director of Marketing Communications with Keithley/MetraByte and Analytical Technologies both high technology companies.

He is also a director with Transatlantic Business Gateway.

He has travel worldwide, including The People’s Republic of China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Europe, providing technical and marketing assistance for various businesses.

He has been a guest lecturer at Bentley College and Clark University on the subjects of Direct Mail Marketing, Public Relations, Development of a Successful Marketing Communications plan, and analysis of case studies.

His education includes BSBA & BSEE programs at Northeastern University.

Specialties: Traditional Marketing - Internet Marketing - Search Engine Optimization - Public Relations – New Product Market Introductions

How We Got Started

USA Marketing Associates started as USA Direct Decks, a publisher of postcard advertising.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are small to midsize companies that need solid marketing communications help in the form of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords Management, Public Relations and more.

Our Team
Jim Conant from USA Marketing Associates
Jim Conant
Products & Services

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Google AdWords Management Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Online Public Relations Web Design

Search EXPERIENCE Optimization

What is Search Experience Optimization? Most everyone knows something about Search Engine Optimization but what is Search Experience Optimization? First, let me state that in order to obtain high search engine rankings you will still need to provide search engines with the technical...

Check Out This Outstanding Business Opportunity

The HELO is a health/wellness and fitness wearable monitor. The HELO measures: heart rate, blood pressure, breath rate, sleep activity, mood, energy,and EKG. Yes, I said EKG! It also measures steps, distance, and calories burned. This product could be a lifesaver for someone you...

HELO Health and Wellness Monitor

Yes you can refer someone to me. Easy as 1 2 3! 1. Watch the video at www.duplik8.com 2. If you know someone that would like a HELO refer them. 3. If you know someone that would like to be a distributor of HELO refer them. How easy was that? Contact me (info@usadma.com) if you have an...
Businesses We Recommend
I have known Greg Nanigian for many years. He is outstanding with the sales training programs that he presents. I have taken Sandler Sales Training courses and it is the best training that I have received.
Best Insurance services and service in the areal. Give Barrows a call today and get the service you expect.
Great golf course to play. I find it very challenging.
I have know John for many years. He is a top agent with Green Flag Profit Recovery by Transworld Systems, Inc.
Kull's have just about everything you need at good prices with great service.
I have know Paul and his work for many years. There is no one other then Paul that I would recommend for a College Coach!
I have used John for a number of legal issue. I have found John to be straight forward, explains everything and care about his clients. Jim C.
I Have known Emily for a number of years. I have found here services to be much above the average and the quality of her graphic work to be outstanding.
Past Events & Promotions
USA Marketing Associates adding new business unit called PeakWerks in January. Stay tuned for launch date.
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