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Peak Performers helps businesses that have experienced insufficient growth. We provide a free initial consultation to uncover where the business is leaking money and then construct a plan to ensure that financial goals are met--initially and in the future.

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Peak Performers is a Business and Motivational Coaching organization. Founder Steve Barnes is the best selling author of the book "You Are The Great Creator Of Your Life" and has helped countless businesses that have flat lined in growth, and individuals who have plateaued in their lives and careers.

Free Initial Consultation

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain with our free initial consultation. If you run a business that has experienced flat lined growth our consultation will uncover where your business is leaking money. It's then your option to choose the solution offered.
Businesses We Recommend
Kevin and his team are adept in helping business with media needs. I recommend them highly.
Peggy and her team do a wonderful job of quality food and service.
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Crystal and her team from Lunchbox provide great food and service. I highly recommend Lunchbox.
Ashley is a quality person. I recommend her and Myra Cannon & Associates.
Jim Shanahan is one of the best, most reliable people that you will ever meet. I have know Jim for over ten years and when Jim gives you his word, it is golden.
Sharon is diligent in everything she does. I highly recommend her as a top notch accountant.
Jocelyn Reedy is dynamic and customer oriented. I highly recommend her for your business!
Mary and her team do an outstanding job. I would highly recommend Cuz Events.
Quality people providing a terrific service!
Brooke and her team do a terrific job for their clients.
Tom Ravell is as upstanding and diligent a person that you will ever meet. I strongly recommend Tom and Bonneau Dye!
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