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About Us

Insured Handyman for commercial repairs, I install stuff, fix stuff, invent solutions, re-purpose stuff plumbing repairs, light electrical. Doors, windows fixes, but NO sheet rock/Roofs/Decks. I work alone and drive a 2007 KIA SUV so I cannot bring big things.

How We Got Started

Laid off from Corporate 3D Engr. Design, tired of sitting. Repaired 2 homes as became a natural handyman by experience. Hired 52 times on thumbtack.com in last 9 months, and 244 times by wife - since 2001.

Our Ideal Customer

Any business that needs things fixed. Just ask 203 843 2353. I might say no, i might say yes. If you think you can do it yourself i will tell you how: look it up on Youtube. Most people have no time so that is my offer.

Our Team
Dave Hurlburt from Davids Contracting LLC
Dave Hurlburt
  • Milford, CT 06460